Small Greenhouses

Compact-sized gardens are no reason to not enjoy growing your own plants, flowers, fruit, and veg. For every garden size, there's a greenhouse to suit and that's no different with small gardens, as we sell plenty of small greenhouses to fit into any space!

Our range of mini greenhouses is perfect for those with a smaller garden, yet who would still love to be able to grow their favourite plants and veg from seed. With freestanding greenhouses starting from only 4ft wide, you no longer need a huge plot of free land in order to house a greenhouse at home. Our small greenhouses are ideal for fitting snuggly into small gaps in the garden, up against a fence, or really compact space that benefits from a daily dose of natural sunlight. So if you've always wanted to start growing your own, but always thought that your garden wasn't big enough, browse our collection of small greenhouses, all with convenient free delivery within mainland UK.

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