Log Stores

A well designed and sturdy log store is essential if you want dry, well seasoned, logs for your open fire or wood burning stove. On GardenSite we have an impressive range of log stores, large and small, that can be bought online, they will all provide a sheltered, ventilated, environment so that the timber is kept dry and effectively aired.

Using wet timber that has been left out in the open produces little heat but lots of smoke, excessive tar will also collect in the flue or chimney reducing your fire’s efficiency. By choosing one of our log stores, you will ensure that all the logs that you use are capable of producing the maximum heat possible with the least smoke. So keep those logs dry, ready to make a real and very cosy log fire, with these exceptional value for money, heavy duty wood stores that will easily hold a full load of fresh logs.

These cheap log stores are all sourced from well known makers who are vastly experienced in designing highly practical garden structures. They are easily assembled, look great and, because they are so well built from high quality materials, will enhance your garden for many years. Some of our log stores, for example many of the Dorset Log Store range, are available fully pre-assembled so all you have to do is place the log store in its new home. One word of caution though, make sure the pre-assembled log store can fit through any gates or side entrances they may have to navigate.

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