Deep Root Planters

Deep root planters are a gardener's best friend. Practical in their use, they are raised above the ground so the need for bending down is negated, yet they still provide a deep container for growing veg, fruit herbs and plants that prefer extra depth for their roots.

Once filled with compost, a deep root planter can be planted with developing seedlings, giving them plenty of soil depth to grow and to develop a healthy root structure. Whether it be to grow lettuces, herbs, strawberries, a variety of vegetables, or simply your favourite flowers, the practical design being raised off the ground means that tending to the planter doesn't require kneeling, or getting down to ground level, and the structure itself can be placed virtually anywhere in the garden, from outside the back door to keep herbs close by for when cooking, positioned on the patio as a feature, or further down in the garden amongst shrubs and bushes.

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