Lifestyle Barbecues

All the way from Australia where barbecues are a national institution, Lifestyle grills have a reputation for being practical and affordable, their gas and charcoal barbecues can be put on the back seat or cater for large parties and gatherings, a comprehensive range that aims to please on many different levels.

The smallest in the range are two portable barbecues, one charcoal, the other gas, ideal for camping and days out in the country or on the beach, they are compact and lightweight but produce succulent food. Next up are value for money charcoal and gas barbecues and these are joined by full-sized four and six burner grills which are mobile and easy to use.

Variety is the spice of life so why not try a Lifestyle fire pit and a pizza oven, these will widen your horizons as far as flavour and cooking styles are concerned, and add to your enjoyment of entertaining outside. You might be in the outback but cooking on one of these Aussie barbecues from Lifestyle might be the nearest you get to the real thing.

7 Products In This Range