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Garden planters make it easy to grow decorative plants, herbs and vegetables in a confined space. Even in the smallest of gardens, with a planter or container you will be able to grow a surprisingly large variety of plants in perfect conditions. The impressive selection on GardenSite includes a huge choice of shapes, sizes and styles, large and small garden planters made from treated rot-resistant timber and reconstituted stone among other materials, and all for sale at cheap prices.

Planters can transform the appearance of a terrace, backyard or courtyard, adding colourful interest where there might be no open ground and they can always be moved around to create an ever-changing display. Handy if you want to produce herbs for the kitchen or flowers for the house, garden planters, especially raised models are a boon if you have trouble bending as you don’t have to reach down as far, so this all goes to show that container growing can improve everyone’s life.

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