44mm Log Cabins

With a combination of contemporary and traditional styles, all the 44mm thick log cabins on GardenSite are incredibly well designed with strength and practicality important considerations. They are sourced from leading manufacturers and built using only excellent quality materials.

Top grade timber from northern Europe is slow grown to form a dense grain, the perfect choice for the heavy duty interlocking logs of a substantial cabin, and extensive double glazing enables the interior to be bright, warm and very welcoming. 

With a delightful natural finish, your 44mm log cabin will be an attractive addition to any garden. It will enhance your lifestyle possibilities throughout the year, as a place of relaxation away from the demands of home life or somewhere to use as a home gym, hobby room or similar.

There are so many sizes and styles to pick from, they all feature superb specifications and build quality. Porches, verandahs and multi-room configurations offer different opportunities of how to use your leisure time and there’ll certainly be more than enough room for all the family.

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