Realistically we have enough stocks to meet demand, or the product would not be offered for sale. Most of our stock is held at two distribution points on the outskirts of Birmingham. Depending on your order goods will normally be picked at one of these Distribution Departments. You will be able to track your orders via the website depending on the carrier we use. If some or all of the goods you order are out of stock we will advise you and proceed on your instruction. Payment will not normally be drawn down on goods that are out of stock.

Some lines are held in 'virtual warehouses' and are stored in several locations around the UK. From here they are delivered by a distributor on our behalf. This system works particularly well for larger or heavier lines as one warehouse can support another if stock is not available, but more likely it means quicker deliveries because the stock is physically closer. In the event of delays we will be notified and in turn so will you.

We also have advantageous arrangements with some of the largest and most prestigious manufacturers in our sector who will deliver direct from their factory to your front door. This means less handling which means less cost and brand new goods. Quite often the manufacturer will book in the delivery with you. In the event of lines becoming out of stock we will mark the goods as 'Pre-Order' at the Add to Basket stage. There will normally be an indication when the goods are due to be avaialble. Payment will not normally be drawn down until the goods are ready for dispatch. If the goods go out of stock after your order we will inform you as soon as we know and advise of the earliest delivery date.

In all these instances your purchase and contract is with GardenSite (Halls Garden Supplies). You are also welcome to e-mail us at [email protected] for exact availability before ordering if you wish. We will advise lead times at the earliest opportunity.

Terms & Conditions apply.