Trough Planters

When you think of a trough, you may think of a large, stone container, once used to feed barn animals with hay, or filled with water to keep them hydrated. However, since plastic variants overtook their usage, many people took advantage of the disused trough, turning it into a hardy and long-lasting garden planter.

Nowadays, there's many trough planters available in both wood and cast stone, making a great looking addition to the garden that can be filled and decorated with your favourite plants or flowers, or for those who like to grow their own at home, the deep nature of the trough makes them ideal for growing edibles such as herbs, lettuce, tomatoes, and strawberries. So if you're looking for a traditional style planter, with a dual usage of both being decorative and sufficent for growing fruit and salad, then a trough planter from GardenSite could just be the perfect accessory for you and your garden.

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