What Is A Greenhouse Base?

Also known as a plinth or upstand, a base is the frame upon which a greenhouse is installed and, subsequently, will sit on top of once it has been assembled. Most bases are approximately 5 inches tall, raising the greenhouse’s overall height by around 12cm. You will need to secure your base to a suitable foundation or floor (it is important to note that the base and foundation are not the same) in order to ensure maximum stability. 

What Is A Foundation or Floor?

A greenhouse foundation is the larger surface area upon which your greenhouse will be situated. We recommend either laying or using pre-existing concrete, paving slabs or decking for this. The most important factor, however, is to ensure that the foundation is 100% level and we strongly suggest using a spirit level to check this, otherwise, it can cause a multitude of problems!

Why Is It Important to Have a Solid Foundation/Floor?

  • To increase security: over the years, your greenhouse will be exposed to the harsh elements, including storms. You need to ensure that your base is suitably anchored to the foundation to maximise stability and avoid damage. In short, if you do not anchor your greenhouse down, it is likely to blow away.  
  • To enable an easy and successful assembly: greenhouses and all their parts are made for level grounds. For example, the sliding door works on rollers which, if the foundation is not completely level, will catch, causing the door to become stiff and difficult to operate. 
  • To avoid warping or stress: unevenness will likely lead to your glass panes or polycarbonate panels blowing out if the frame becomes distorted.

Can I Install My Greenhouse On Soil or Turf?

It is possible to install a greenhouse onto soil or turf, however, we strongly discourage this. The main negative is that soft ground is susceptible to subsidence which could cause warping or glass breakage. Other disadvantages include unwanted weed growth and water logging. 

Do I Need a Greenhouse Base?

Yes - a base is absolutely essential with many models and should not be overlooked! Most people will buy the pre-fabricated base which can be found on the relevant greenhouse product pages, however, you can also build your own base from bricks or railway sleepers should you wish. Newer models on the market tend to have a built in base and often the added benefit of a low or even zero door threshold, we will detail this on the product page for the range you are looking at. For more information on building a suitable base, please click here

What Are The Advantages of Having A Greenhouse Base?

  • It raises the overall height of the greenhouse by approximately 5 inches, creating more space and a more airy feel.
  • It allows the lipped edge of the frame to hang down without touching or dragging along the ground.

What If I Want To Plant In The Soil Under The Greenhouse?

You can excavate the ground around the perimeter of the greenhouse to create a strong foundation. Dig out a spade's width to a depth of 5-6ins around the edge. Fill the bottom 3-4ins with rubble, hardcore, stones etc. and crush it in. Either add 2-3ins of concrete mix on top or add a few smaller stones, firm down and top with 1 in sand, onto which you can lay slabs (maybe 18ins x 9ins). Alternatively, fill the whole hole with hardcore, crush in firmly and top with a sprinkling of sand to level it off. Slabs may be laid as a central path.

Can Anyone Install A Greenhouse?

Yes! Make sure you put the frame together loosely, then go around it progressively tightening up, as if you were tightening the nuts on a car wheel. Glaze the roof first (both sides) before starting the sides and ends. Use gloves! 

Do GardenSite Install Greenhouses?

For greenhouse models which we are able to offer an installation service for, you'll find an option on the specific greenhouse product page which will guide you on the cost for installing that particular model with mainland UK.

How Do GardenSite Deliver Greenhouses?

GardenSite uses a specialist company that will telephone prior to arranging delivery. You cannot send glass by a standard parcel carrier and so the glass is pre-packed and then shrink wrapped into manageable packs and placed into a large wooden box. The frame and base are packed separately.

Fully Installed Greenhouse
Constructing The Base
Constructing the Base
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