How To Choose A Garden Arbour

Garden Arbours are the perfect solution if you want to have a shady alcove in which to relax on a summer's day.


Take a book, newspaper or nothing more than a cool drink, and have time out from the day, put your feet up and enjoy some well earned rest and recuperation.

These structures are stylish focal points, usually made from timber, and will enhance any garden. With enough room for at least two people they are ideal sanctuaries in which to take your ease on your own or with a friend.

With an apex or rounded roof, arbours provide protection from the sun and their design offers a light and airy environment with a choice of a panelled, trellis or open back.

An Asian Influence

Different roof styles may lend a gothic, oriental or Asian ambiance to the arbour. The Rowlinson Jaipur Arbour is reminiscent of the Raj while their Winchester Arbour could well have been inspired by that city's cathedral.

Trellis sides can make it easy to train climbing plants. When the sun is high there won't be anything better than being surrounded by the gorgeous colour of roses such as Blue Moon or Masquerade with their scent gently wafting by in the breeze.

Larger arbours are available that can seat a number of people around a built-in table, such as Grange's Valencia Corner Arbour & Forest Venetian Corner Abour, while the Forest Sorrento Arbour is in the style of a pergola and retains the best elements of both designs.

The latest popular designs of arbours include a storage area under the seat. Our best selling storage arbours include the Dorset, Hampshire, Lyon, Cheltenham, Norfolk and Lincoln which all have distinct differences in design but will all complement any garden.

Coloured or Natural Finishes

Different coloured finishes add to an arbour's presence, helping it blend into the garden or emphasizing its special qualities. Additionally, if supplied with a natural timber appearance, you can paint the arbour as you so wish.   

Arbours are perfect to add structure to your garden and are ideal to sit back in on a sunny day, what's not to like about them? Have a look at our range from all the leading manufacturers now and you can have one in place when the summer arrives.

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