How To Create A Children's Garden

What a relief it is to have any kind of outdoor space where children can let off steam, filled with play equipment which will keep your children occupied for hours.

We all love them in the house but sometimes, when the weather will allow, a well equipped garden or a small piece of play equipment on a balcony, can be a great release for a parent as well as a child.


Trampolines have grown in popularity during recent years. Round or square, they should be made of the most robust materials and, when used by small children, enclosed by safety netting.

Mini-trampolines are suitable for toddlers and young children, they can even be themed as a 'Pink Palace' or a 'King's Fortress'. The 'Funclosure' is a colourful blow-up structure that sits on a trampoline with the children inside.

Bigger children, and adults who think they are still big kids, are better suited to larger 8ft – 14ft models with heavy duty frames, springs and padding on which they can throw tucked, piked and straddle shapes as if a gold medal depended on them.

Sand Pits

The simple things in life are sometimes the best and you can't get anything much simpler to play in than a timber framed sand pit. In this electronic age, isn't it great that youngsters can still get hours of entertainment from sand, a bucket and a spade. This is also true of a sand and water table or sand picnic table that can provide fun and active play and are perfect if there is only a small garden or balcony.



Also for toddlers, don't forget one of the oldest, simplest yet best loved designs, the see-saw. Still around after all these years, a see-saw with easy grip handles and plastic seats and that spins through 360 degrees will give young children hours of enjoyment.

Swings, made from timber or metal, range from sets suitable for babies and toddlers with a moulded seat and leg bracket through to those with multiple seats and gliders.

A traditional wooden framed single or double seater takes about an hour to assemble and comes with anchor points, cross beams for stability and soft feel ropes.

Then the choice widens to those made from substantial wooden poles to others that might be called activity centres, boasting climbing ropes, ladders, wave slides, fireman's poles, monkey bars even a 'rock wall' and cargo net. Enough activity going on there to keep a cub scout pack occupied.

Play Centres

The ultimate play centre is known as 'The Kudu' and is packed with activity features that will provide 24/7 entertainment. A structure more likely to be found in a play park than a garden. There is a tower, climbing ladder, swings, slide, two seat glider, monkey bars and sand pit just for starters. A sure fire winner for agile and energetic youngsters.

Other play equipment include a toddlers' 'rock wall' with multi-coloured hand and foot grips, climbing net, play den, 4ft slide and play deck all in one structure. There are further variations including imaginative play centres with nautical themes that are ideal for ocean going role play. They include an outlook area and fabric hull with portholes together with a ladder and slide, rock wall or swing.

All this equipment is designed with childrens'  well being in mind. You can rest assured that they are enjoying their free time, interacting with their friends and learning all the time in the safety of your own garden.