Many log cabins have two or three separate rooms and some boast a sheltered veranda or porch, their design encouraging a range of activities involving work, rest and play. This is especially the case when mains electricity and other services are installed.

Taking Your Ease

Log cabins have the space and flexibility to offer a relaxing environment at any time of the day. In the morning you can sit on covered porch enjoying breakfast, and then have lunch and dinner in the same spot perhaps prepared in a kitchenette. There's plenty of space for family and friends to join you and during the cooler months everyone can eat in the spacious interior.

A fully furnished log cabin interior

Doing Business

With the rise of the internet far more people are able to work or run their own business from home, but you will always be distracted by everyday life when working from the lounge or in a spare room that has been turned into an office. A log cabin will distance yourself from these distractions and, equipped with wi-fi, will prove to be an ideal workplace.

Getting up later than usual, you'll be able to stroll to your office at the end of the garden after eating a good breakfast. There won't be any need to queue for the bus or train and fight your way through the crowds, and your cabin can be split separate rooms if more than one person is employed and needs their own space.

Inside a log cabin converted to a gym with all the equipment

Keeping Fit

Exercise equipment can be bulky, that's why in many homes this unwieldy kit ends up in the garage, but what if you want to put your car in the garage or in fact don't have one? The best place for your stationery cycle, rowing machine and other unwieldy equipment is a home gym in your log cabin where you can lose pounds and gain muscle to your heart's content, day or night.

Pastimes and Hobbies

Because of the amount of space and lack of distractions, a log cabin is the ideal place for a range of hobbies or pastimes. Depending on the cabin's internal layout, these could be as diverse as constructing an extensive model railway to using the brightly lit interior as a painting studio.

A log cabin converted into a games room can contain a pool table, there's plenty of space for a dart board and oche or table football and many log cabins would be large enough to convert into a first class snooker room complete with bar, or perhaps you need somewhere to locate a collection of pinball machines.

Trouble and strife would probably arise if you used the house to indulge in any pastime that inevitably left the house in disarray or filled with clutter. In a cabin, any mess or unfinished projects can be left until next time without the disruption of being cleared away only to be set up again.

Some hobbies become all consuming passions, so if the log cabin is fully kitted out with lighting and power points, perhaps water and other services, you can work through the night not having to call a halt for fear of waking your family or the neighbours, fully concentrating on the job in hand until it is completed.

Inside of a log cabin furnished to be an office

Teenage Angst

Log cabins are also a great place for older children and their friends to disappear to, they don't want to be hanging around their parents and that feeling is probably mutual. There'll be able to create their own possibly rather noisy and untidy environment but they'll still be in easy reach and you'll know that they are perfectly safe.

Spare Sleeping Space

Space is at a premium in most homes, so when someone comes to stay or you have an unexpected visitor who needs to stop over, maybe one of your children's friends, a log cabin provides a comfortable place for them to sleep for one or more nights. With heating and other facilities, it might be difficult to persuade them to leave.

Multi-Use Because log cabins are so substantially built, can be fully serviced and variously configured, they needn't just have one use. They can contain working space as well as a gym, a sleeping area in addition to entertaining and storage space. It's up to your imagination and personal requirements as to what purpose your cabin will serve, and there's no doubt the possibilities are extensive.