Fontana Pizza Ovens

In 1946, Italy was entering a new era that came with many challenges. These tough times made it possible to achieve great accomplishments with individual brilliance, determination, passion and innovation. Enter Fontana Forni, a family business that started in the heart of Italy's Marche region in the Cesano valley, a place known for its hard-working population.

Over 70 years later, the company is still run by the same family who sticks by their original core values of innovation, integrity and reliability to provide their customers with world-class ovens. It's a range that we at GardenSite proudly present to our customers. Today, Fontana is a leading manufacturer of wood-fired ovens that are all proudly made in Italy according to their values and tradition. And with the accumulation of over 70 years of knowledge, these ovens are amongst the best in the world.

44 Products In This Range