Large Planters

Browse our range of large planters, ideal for planting a wide selection of flowers in order to decorate your garden, to add an eye-catching feature to the front of your home to welcome guests and friends, or as practical place to cultivate fresh herbs and grow your own produce, without the need to dig straight into the ground.

Big in design with ample growing space, large-size garden planters can be placed just about anywhere outside. Due to their length, you can usually plant a few different plants in each planter, whether that be all of the same species, or a mix. A selection of differing pansies will create an explosion of colour during their peak blossoming season, or alternatively, if you enjoy growing your own fruit and veg, a selection of different herbs or edibles next to each other would be a practical source for fresh, homegrown seasoning, salad items and veg. Whatever you have in mind to plant inside, our fabulous great value range of large planters are sure to bring your inspiration ideas to life.

Order your large garden planter direct online, or give us a call on 0121 355 7701 to order over the phone. We deliver throughout the majority of the UK, so get in touch and see how we can deliver for you.

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