Have you noticed small grey lines appearing on your wooden furniture? Unsure of where they have come from or perhaps you know exactly why they are there... Wasps. One or two may not cause too much concern but when hundreds appear then you might need to worry...

What are they doing?

No, they're not just destroying your new expensive furniture, they're doing what they know, it's a natural occurrence. They choose wood closest to their nest and scrape off wood fibres. When mixed with saliva these contribute to building their new home. 

Wasps are useful and not just there to annoy us, they pollinate flowers so if you love your bright sunflowers, you don't want to get rid of wasps for good. They also do eat potentially harmful bugs.

However, if you would like to stop wasps invading your garden then we have some perfect solutions including recommended natural ways and one proven to work. 

Keep in mind that even though the scarring may look unsightly, your garden furniture will not suffer any structural damage as it is only a thin layer being removed. 

Natural ways to keep the wasps away

Our first natural option is to use fabric softener, take some old cloth soak, it in the softener and place around your wooden furniture/structure or in glass jars. Not only does the scent deter the wasps, it will make the air smell fresh and also repel mosquitoes. 

Another handy trick is to combine liquid hand soap and water into a spray bottle, keep this on hand to spray wood surfaces to discourage wasps and other bugs. 

Now, you might think this is a bit Christmassy but trust us, it is meant to work. Get some cloves and oranges and insert the cloves into the orange and place around the wood surface. Combine this with the fabric softener scent and you shouldn't be seeing any wasps ruining your furniture anymore. 

Our last natural recommendation is to grab a bar of soap from your bathroom and rub the undersides of the wood with the soap liberally and that should keep the wasps away. Just make sure you don't use the same soap to shower with...

Barlow Tyrie Anti-Wasp Solution

Our proven wasp deterrent

Barlow Tyrie Anti Wasp is proven to deter wasps from distorting and blemishing timber garden furniture. Established in the 1920s Barlow Tyrie are one of the largest manufacturers of teak garden furniture in the world. It is a reputable brand that can be trusted.

Their Anti Wasp solution is quick and easy to use, just follow the five steps below.

  1. Ensure the wood is completely dry before application.
  2. Using a lint-free cloth apply a light coat of the solution.
  3. Allow the first layer to dry for approximately 30 minutes.
  4. Then apply a second coat using the same method as previously stated.
  5. Allow this final coat to completely dry before exposing the furniture to the elements.

During the wasp season, the treatment may have to be repeated. 

If you would like to purchase Barlow Tyrie Anti Wasp solution, please click here.