1. Our Contract

1.2 These Terms and Conditions govern the supply of goods and services sold by GardenSite LLP (which may be referred to as “GardenSite LLP”, “GardenSite”, “other websites directly under our control”, “Garden Centre”, “Aquatics Superstore”, “we”, “our” or “us”) to the customer (“you”). Our Head Office address is 211 - 213 Chester Road, Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham, B73 5BD. However, for correspondence, please contact us at 211 Chester Road, Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands, B73 5BD. Our VAT number is GB 109 6996 27. Our Economic Operator and Identification (EORI) is GB 109 6996 27000. Our XI EORI number is: XI 109 699 627000.

1.3 Where these Terms and Conditions refer you to contact GardenSite LLP directly, please either telephone (+44) 0121 355 7701 or email [email protected].

1.4 If you order/purchase goods/services on behalf of a company, organisation or any other entity, then (i) ’you’ (as defined in clause 1.2) includes you and that third party and (ii) you represent and warrant that you are authorised to bind the third party to our agreement (including these Terms and Conditions).

1.5 These Terms and Conditions set out the basis on which we may sell to you. Please read them carefully. Subject to clause 3, by submitting an order for and/or purchasing any product, you are indicating your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions and you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions in their entirety. If you do not accept these Terms and Conditions in their entirety, you will not be able to order or purchase any products from us.

2. Our Agreement

2.1 Each order or purchase that you make is subject to these Terms and Conditions, including our Delivery Information, Privacy Policy and Payment Security (where relevant) and any additional terms that apply regarding quotations, promotional offers and special offers.

3. The order process and formation of the contract between us

3.1 Your order constitutes an offer from yourself to purchase from us. All orders and purchases that you make (whether in-store, by telephone, via any of our websites or by such other means as we may permit) are on the basis of these Terms and Conditions and are subject to acceptance by us. By placing an order, you confirm that you have read, understood and agree to these Terms and Conditions in their entirety.

3.2 Unless we have notified you that we do not accept your order (or offer to make a purchase) or you have cancelled it in accordance with our Returns Policy, we accept your order (or offer to make a purchase) as follows:

3.2.1 we accept your order upon despatch of the goods from the supplier or ourselves to you; or 

3.2.2 we accept your order upon providing the goods you have purchased to you at the trade counter in store; or

3.2.3 where you place an order for a bespoke product made to your personal requirements, e.g. Elite Greenhouses, Lugarde Cabins and Jagram Structures, we accept your order seven days after the date of your order or when the creation of the bespoke item has begun, whichever is earlier; or

3.2.4 where you place an order for products which are liable to deteriorate or expire rapidly, including perishable products (such as plants or turf), we accept your order seven days after the date of your order or when we start to prepare the products for delivery or collection, whichever is earlier.

3.3 The processing/transfer/disposal of your payment and acknowledgment/receipt of your order does not constitute legal acceptance of your order.

3.4 Upon acceptance, a legally binding contract is constituted between us and you.

3.5 We may choose not to accept your order (or offer to make a purchase) for any reason for which we will not be liable to the customer or any other party under such circumstances. If we do not accept your order (in whole or in part) we will refund any monies paid in connection with that order (or that part of the order that we do not accept) to the extent permitted by law.

3.6 Any goods supplied with a service (for example installation) is deemed as a service contract with the provision of goods.

4. Buying from us

4.1 We do not sell products on a trial basis. Customers are strongly advised to check suitability and specifications of products before ordering.

4.2 We will always take reasonable steps to portray or display, as accurately as possible, the colours, dimensions, appearance and other detailing/description of our products (and their packaging where deemed necessary) in the imagery and text that appears on GardenSite, other websites directly under our control and other media. However, we do not guarantee that such information will exactly reflect the colour, dimensions, appearance or detailing of the physical product (or its packaging). Your products (and their packaging) may vary from those images and descriptions. To the extent permitted by law, we accept no liability associated with such variations.

4.3 Any information published by GardenSite LLP regarding dimensions (sizing, measurements, weights, capacities) and specifications of products is included as a guide only. Some product sizing may be titled or labelled in a 'nominal size' format, and/or rounded up or down to the nearest nominal size.
Example: a 5ft 10inch wide product may be titled as being 6ft wide, with the exact sizing being noted under the dimensions or specification section. If you have concerns about specific details, or require any exact dimensions confirming, we recommend that you contact us prior to placing an order and/or purchasing a product.

4.4 Any advice or recommendations solicited by customers and provided by us verbally (i.e. over the phone) are given in good faith. If the information you require will act as the deciding factor as to whether to complete a purchase or not, it is essential that you request it in writing prior to purchase to avoid potential misunderstandings.

4.5 Where a manufacturer, importer, supplier or any other third party provides a product for us it may be sold, marketed, advertised or similar under a different name, brand or description from that on the packaging and / or the product.

4.6 We recycle packaging and boxes, so your delivery may arrive in recycled packaging that differs to what you have ordered. Please check the contents of your delivery and if any errors have been made, please notify us. If you'd prefer us to not use recycled packaging material for your order, please notify us prior to completing your order with us.

4.7 We will always take reasonable steps to display, as accurately as possible the latest product imagery, as per received by the manufacturer, brand or supplier. However, we do not guarantee that such media will exactly reflect the product in cases of the manufacturer, brand or supplier making a specification or media change without prior notice to us. To the extent permitted by law, we accept no liability associated with such variations.

4.8 We will always take reasonable steps to display, as accurately as possible the latest product assembly manual(s) and/or instruction manual(s), as per received by the manufacturer, brand or supplier. However, we do not guarantee that such media will exactly reflect the product in cases of the manufacturer, brand or supplier making a specification or media change without prior notice to us. To the extent permitted by law, we accept no liability associated with such variations.

5. Price, delivery charges and availability

5.1 Unless otherwise stated, prices for our products are inclusive of VAT. VAT content is displayed at the purchase stage of placing an order online. VAT may be subject to rounding variances. 

5.2 Generally delivery is free or inclusive to any UK mainland destination. This is subject to individual suppliers who may have differing interpretations of ‘UK mainland’ and, thus, additional charges may apply for your postcode. Delivery is chargeable for orders under £50.00 on many lines. In-store local delivery charges may vary. ’Free’ delivery may only stand for the first delivery attempt. For more information, visit the footer of each individual product page or, for further details, contact GardenSite LLP directly.

5.2.1 On certain products, there is the option in the footer for next working day delivery. Orders placed on Friday before the deadline will not be delivered until Monday. We cannot accept liability for items not delivered by our couriers on time and would recommend that you do not engage contractors or any type of worker until you are in physical possession of the goods.

5.3 Estimated delivery times are shown on individual product pages. Please be aware that these are estimations only and are based on our reasonable assumption that the item is available. For further details, please contact GardenSite LLP directly.

5.4 You can track your order at any time by using the Online Tracking Order Service or contacting GardenSite LLP directly, including your order number where applicable.

5.5 Some of our suppliers offer kerbside delivery only. Please call us to confirm if this is the case for your order.

5.6 When you order online there is an option to specify a separate delivery address. The option to deliver to the specified cardholder’s address or to a third party address is at our complete discretion.

5.7 We may update prices at any time. Despite our reasonable best efforts, a small number of the products we sell may occasionally be mis-priced or not have been updated accordingly in media publications. If this happens then we will not be obliged to supply the products at the incorrect or previously stated price or at all. We will, at our complete discretion, either cancel your order and refund the price you have paid or use our reasonable endeavours to contact you in order to confirm whether you wish to continue with the order at the correct price. If we are unable to contact you or you do not wish to continue with the order at the correct price, we will cancel your order and refund the price you have paid.

5.8 From time to time we may apply promotional prices to products. These promotional prices will only apply in the context in which the promotion is given and are subject to the terms of that specific promotion. To take advantage of promotional prices, you must quote the relevant promotion code when you order (where applicable). We may update or change promotions at any time.

5.9 Pro-forma invoices and quotations are valid for 30 days from the date stated on the invoice or quotation. If cost prices change, that invoice or quotation may become void or invalid.

5.10 We work closely with our suppliers and distributors through whom some orders may be fulfilled.  As such, some orders may be dispatched and delivered by third parties.

5.11 Overseas deliveries will be made using a standard courier service with NO ADDITIONAL insurances unless expressly advised and confirmed in writing. The customer will be responsible to pay any local import duties or taxes where required.

5.12 All electrical items are sold for use in the UK only.

6. Payment

6.1 The total cost of your order and/or purchases is the price of the products, including VAT, and applicable additional delivery charges.

6.2 Payments will be made in pounds sterling. International credit card providers or banks will determine the exchange rate and may add an additional processing or administration charge in relation to such payment which international credit card holders will be liable to pay.

6.3 Unless we have otherwise agreed in writing, we will take payment of the total cost before, or at the point of, forwarding the order on to the relevant supplier(s) or prior to despatch once we have established the goods are in stock or available.

6.4 Online or electronic payment can be made using most major credit or debit cards, PayPal or bank transfers. In-store payments can be made using credit/debit cards or cash. 

6.5 You may only pay for your order using a payment mechanism that you are authorised to use. All credit/debit card holders are subject to validation checks by Sage Pay or any other provider we may employ. (Please refer to our Security Policy for more information on our payment service provider.) If the card issuer refuses to authorise payment or any other validation checks return adverse results, we will not accept your order and we will not be liable for any delay or non-delivery. We are not obliged to inform you of the reason for the refusal.

6.6 We are not responsible for the card issuer or bank charging the cardholder as a result of our processing of the credit/debit card payment in accordance with your order.

6.7 You are responsible for all orders placed by your authorised employees.

6.8 We do not accept payment in part or in full using National Garden Gift Vouchers (HTA).

7. Receiving your products

7.1 Clause 5 outlines our delivery terms.

7.2 With regards to any deliveries that GardenSite LLP or our suppliers undertake (subject to stock availability, clause 5 and our Delivery information) we will use reasonable endeavours to ensure delivery by any specified date that we/the supplier agree(s) or, if no date is specified, within 30 days of the date of your order. Delivery of bespoke items may take considerably longer.

7.3 In the case of circumstances beyond our reasonable control (eg. adverse weather, unpredictable delays, fault/inaction of the supplier), we may not be able to ensure delivery of your products within such timescales. We will not be liable for any delay or failure to deliver the products if the delay or failure is wholly or partly caused by such circumstances. In the event that a delivery does not take place, either us or the supplier will confirm an alternative delivery date with you.

7.4 You must use your best endeavours to enable the delivery to take place on the given date. If we are unable to deliver the products as a result of your actions/inactions, we will need to arrange an alternative delivery date and we reserve the right to charge you a further fee for this.

7.5 Unless otherwise expressly stated in writing to the contrary, all installation or erection of garden buildings and/or structures needs to be on an appropriately prepared and level ground base. The site needs to be free of obstruction including, but not limited to, any over hanging trees or roof lines and offer ample working space of a minimum 1 metre clearance. We cannot take down, dis-assemble, move or remove any exiting buildings, structures or objects that are on the prepared base or within its vicinity. We/the supplier/the deliverer cannot dispose of or remove any existing buildings, structures or objects impeding the installation. If we/the supplier/the deliverer are/is unable to install/erect any garden building and/or structure for the reasons outlined above, we will need to arrange an alternative installation/erection date and we reserve the right to charge you a further fee for this. Please contact us in writing prior to installation if you have any concerns.

7.6 Unless otherwise agreed in writing, products must be signed for on delivery by a person aged 18 or over. Delivery will be complete when we deliver the products to the delivery address specified in your order.

7.7 If you do not receive your products on the stated delivery date, please notify us immediately. We recommend that you do not schedule or commence any installation/erection work until after you have received your ordered products and checked all of them for any defects or missing parts.

7.8 Each product remains our (or the supplier’s) property until you have paid for it in full or the product has been provided to you (whichever occurs later), whereupon you will own the product. On delivery of the products or collection of the products by you, the products shall be at your risk and responsibility and you will be responsible for their safekeeping and neither us nor the supplier will be responsible for any damage or fault arising from incorrect storage or any other means.

7.9 It is the customer’s sole responsibility to dispose of any pallets, damages or packaging left as a result of delivery.

8. Cancellation, returns and order amendments

8.1 The Consumer Contracts Regulations came into effect on 13 June 2014, replacing the Distance Selling Regulations.

8.1.2 The cost of delivery is highlighted in clause 5 (Price, delivery charges and availability). Unless otherwise expressly agreed in writing, the customer will pay for the cost of returning items when exercising their right to cancel/return a product. Your right to cancel a sales contract starts the moment you place your order and ends 14 (fourteen) days from the day you receive it. Your right to cancel a service contract (for example installation) starts the moment you place your order and ends 14 (fourteen) days after. 

8.1.3 You will get a refund within 14 (fourteen) days of either us/the supplier getting the goods back, or you providing evidence of having returned the goods, whichever is sooner.

8.1.4 If the value of the goods has been reduced as a result of you handling the goods more than was reasonably necessary (more than if you were assessing them in a shop). GardenSite reserves the right to make a reasonable deduction to the refund price in accordance with the condition of the product and to cover repackaging/administration fees. Any reduction is at the absolute discretion of GardenSite LLP and GardenSite LLP reserves the right to make no refund at all if the product is not in a condition to be re-sold.

8.1.5 GardenSite LLP acknowledges that we must refund the basic delivery cost of getting the goods to you in the first instance. If you opted for an enhanced, special, bespoke or non-standard delivery service, we are only required to refund the standard delivery cost.

8.2 Please keep your Proof of Purchase for anything you buy from us as doing so will ensure we can help you if you wish to exercise your right to return a product.

8.3 The right to cancel your order set out above is subject to the following exclusions:

8.3.1 Bespoke products, perishable products will not be exchanged or refunded unless they are faulty and/or damaged.

8.3.2 If you have opened the product packaging see Clause 8.1.4 regarding your cancellation rights. 

8.4 Following cancellation, we will refund you the price paid for the cancelled order (including basic delivery costs for the items cancelled) less any collection or return costs/charges eg. repackaging and administration fees. 

8.5 We will use our reasonable endeavours to pay your refund within 14 days after cancellation. 

8.5.1 For orders delivered by external suppliers, generally, we will not issue your refund until we have received written correspondence from said supplier detailing either cancellation or collection confirmation and any associated costs.

8.5.2 For orders delivered by GardenSite LLP, we will issue your refund upon receipt and inspection of the returned products. Unless the product is faulty or damaged, the customer will have to bear the direct cost of returning the goods. We recommend using a recorded postal service. You must arrange the return of the product as soon as possible and in any event no later than 14 days after the cancellation day. Products must be returned with Proof of Purchase and complete with all components including instruction booklets etc. For certain products we may offer a collection service for a fee. Please contact us directly for further details.

8.6 Any associated costs as a result of cancellation may apply where a product is received, or installed faulty and/or damaged, where GardenSite LLP are not given the opportunity to rectify any identified fault, and/or damage, within a reasonable period of time. 

8.7 You must keep the product you wish to return in your possession and take reasonable care of the product at all times while in your possession; you must not use the product (except to the extent reasonably necessary for inspection and examination).

8.8 Any changes to your order must be notified to us within a reasonable time after placing the order. If you amend or change your order you may find there are changes to your delivery timetable and/or the price you pay for this item (you may be charged the current selling price on the day you amend your order). If your order has already been dispatched, by ourselves or from an external supplier, we will be unable to implement any required changes/amendments.

9. Faulty products

9.1 On receipt of the products you must check they match your order. If there is any problem or defected, missing or damaged items you must notify us without undue delay so we may contact the relevant supplier or, where the items have been delivered by us, resolve the issue as soon as possible. Some suppliers set their own timeframe with which faults/damage must be reported; please contact us for further details regarding these deadlines. Generally, the supplier or ourselves will make good any shortage or non-delivery and replace any damaged or defective goods. A refund and collection will only be offered under exceptional circumstances and must be authorised by us in writing.

9.2 Where products are damaged, we and the supplier will require photo evidence as proof before replacements are agreed to be sent.

9.3 Some products may need to be sent in for testing to determine whether they are faulty. If, after testing, we have found the product to be in good working order, you will be charged a fee to receive your product back.

9.4 Should a product be received, or installed faulty and/or damaged, GardenSite LLP reserve the right to rectify any identified fault, and/or damage, within a reasonable period of time.

10. Liability

10.1 If you are acting as a consumer (outside the course of business) in your ordering/purchasing of products, to the extent not prohibited by law, we do not accept liability for any:

10.1.1 loss which is not reasonably foreseeable (not an obvious consequence of our breach);

10.1.2 loss which arises when we are not at fault or in breach of our agreement; and

10.1.3 business loss e.g. loss of profits

10.2 If you are acting as a business customer in the course of business in your ordering/purchasing of products, we shall have no liability to compensate you (whether in contract, tort (including negligence), breach of statutory duty or otherwise), other than any refund we make under our agreement or otherwise at our discretion.

10.3 Without prejudice to clause 10.2, if you are acting as a business customer in your ordering/purchasing of products, we accept no liability (whether in contract, tort (including negligence), breach of statutory duty or otherwise) for any of the following losses:

10.3.1 loss of profits, revenue, sales, income, or business;

10.3.2 loss of savings;

10.3.3 loss of use or production;

10.3.4 loss of goodwill;

10.3.5 business interruption;

10.3.6 subject to clause 9, remedial costs if the products are damaged or defective;

10.3.7 damage to property or possessions through use or misuse of the products;

10.3.8 loss caused by delay or other late performance; and

10.3.9 indirect or consequential losses

10.4 If you are acting as a business customer in your ordering/purchasing of products, you acknowledge and agree that all our obligations to you are set out in our agreement. 

10.5 If you are acting as a business customer in your ordering/purchasing of products, except as set out in our agreement, all other terms, warranties, representations and conditions implied by statue, common law or otherwise (including fitness for purpose) are excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law.

10.6 Subject to clause 10.8, we will not be responsible to you or, if you are undertaking work for another person, to any other person, for the use or installation of any products by you (or on your behalf). Accordingly, you hereby agree to hold us harmless and indemnify us against any liability associated with any claim or allegation that we are responsible for any failings in the installation or use of any products that we supply.

10.7 With regards to both consumers and business customers, nothing in our agreement limits or excludes our liability for fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation, death or personal injury caused by our negligence or for any other liability which cannot be limited or excluded by law.

10.8 Our website and any other media may contain information and materials created and submitted by third parties, and, subject to clause 10.7, we exclude liability for all losses arising from any error, omission or inaccuracy in any such information and material.

11. Our right to cancel

11.1 We reserve the right to cancel our agreement at any time until the order has been fulfilled for any reason. A full and immediate refund will be issued at this time. We do not accept liability for any loss that may arise as a result.

11.2 We may cancel our agreement by oral or written notice if you are in breach of the agreement, you become unable to pay your debts, bankruptcy/insolvency proceedings are likely to be commenced against you or if we or the relevant supplier are unable to fulfil your order eg. the product you request is discontinued or the product is for an international delivery. Upon cancellation, any money owed to us shall become immediately due. Refunds will be dealt with as set out in clause 8.4.1.

12. Events beyond our control

12.1 We shall have no liability to you for any failure or delay in supply or delivery, nor if performance of any of our obligations is prevented or restricted, nor for any damage or defect to products supplied or delivered under our agreement, in each case that is caused by any event or circumstance beyond our reasonable control (including, without limitation, the following to the extent these are outside our reasonable control: accidents, extreme weather conditions, fire, explosion, flood storm, earthquake, natural disaster, failure of telecommunications networks, inability to use transport networks, acts of God, terrorist attack, war, civil commotion, riots, strikes, lockouts and other industrial disputes, acts or restraints of Government, and imposition of restrictions on imports or exports).

13. Recycling electrical and electronic products 

13.1 On 1 July 2007, new government regulations called the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations came into force to encourage people to arrange collection or recycling of old electrical products, rather than throwing them away. The amount of WEEE we throw away is increasing by around 5% each year, making it the fastest growing waste stream in the UK. Recycling reduces the environmental and health risks associated with sending electrical goods to landfill. Under the WEEE Regulations, all new electrical goods should now be marked with the crossed-out wheeled bin symbol shown to show that they were produced after 13th August 2005, and should be disposed of separately from normal household waste so that they can be recycled. The simplest way to recycle is to take recyclable goods to your local councils domestic waste recycling centre; details can be found for local councils on

13.2 We also offer a free in store take back service so you are able to take any products we sell to any of our stores. It doesn't matter if you didn't purchase the equipment from us - we'll still take it back. All electrical products purchased via distance selling from one of our websites can also be taken back to one of our stores for recycling, or alternatively we can offer a collection service for a charge of £20.00. This covers the cost of administration and transport.

14. Your information

14.1 Please see both our Privacy Policy and Security Policy, located under our Terms of Service for further details.

15. Formal Complaints

15.1 If you make a complaint, we will keep you informed at each stage of the complaints handling process and will use our reasonable endeavours to fully resolve your complaint as soon as possible.

15.2 If you are unsatisfied with our response to your complaint, please formalise your complaint in writing and send it via post to our registered Head Office. To prevent fraud, please ensure the letter is signed and has clear reference to your unique order. 

16. Trademark and copyright

16.1 All text, graphics, images, multimedia, links, logos, trademarks, software, SEO text and computer code (the “Content”) belongs, or is licensed to, GardenSite LLP; the parent company of GardenSite. Where a third party supplier/partner has failed to actively protect any original work which now forms part of GardenSite’s Content, GardenSite LLP will have either obtained, or will be seeking, express written consent. As a result, unless there is express written refusal, GardenSite LLP will assume an implied license to use the supplier’s/partner’s work until express written consent has been received. The Content is protected by copyright, trademark and other intellectual property rights and you are not permitted to copy, reproduce, republish, upload, post, publicly display, translate, transmit or distribute this Content in any way without prior written consent from GardenSite LLP.

16.2 The terms ‘GARDENSITE’ and ‘GARDEN SITE’ are a registered trademark of GardenSite LLP.

17. Manufacturer’s warranties and guarantees

17.1 Some of our goods are sold with a manufacturer’s warranty, guarantee or similar assurance (please see the relevant product description on our website for further details). Any complaint, query or claim under a manufacturer’s warranty, which may be outside your statutory guarantee, manufacturere's guarantee or similar assurance must be made direct to the manufacturer and we do not have any responsibility or liability under or in connection with any such warranty, guarantee or assurance.

17.2  A guarantee period starts with the first purchase, in other words, in the event of resale, repair or replacement the guarantee period will not restart again. Your legal rights as a customer, especially those ensuring from a warranty, persist. They are not restricted by this guarantee.

17.3 The refund of costs for removal and installation, checks, claims for lost profit and damages are exempted from any guarantee together with further removal reaching claims for damages and loss of whatever nature caused by the unit or its use.

17.4 Any guarantee is only valid in the United Kingdom unless expressly detailed otherwise. Guarantee claims can only be brought forward by presenting the sales receipt and, by returning the unit or part of the unit subject to complaint, freight free, at your own risk, accompanied by the original purchase receipt from the specialist dealer, the guarantee document and written information of the fault encountered. Under any circumstances a cost for shipping, re-shipping or re-directing may be applied once the goods have been received back.

18. Other important terms

18.1 We make every effort to ensure that this website is free from viruses or defects. However, we cannot guarantee that your use of this website or any websites accessible through it won't cause damage to your computer. It is your responsibility to ensure that the right equipment is available to use the website and screen out anything that may damage it. We shall not be liable to any person for any loss or damage which may arise to computer equipment as a result of using this website.

18.2 We have placed links on this website to other websites we think you may want to visit. We do not vet these websites and do not have any control over their contents. We cannot accept any liability in respect of the use of these websites.

18.3 In the UK we accept official orders from all Government departments and councils, the MOD, schools, local and higher education authorities, hospitals and health authorities, Times 100 companies and approved credit accounts. We also accept official orders from USA government and military bodies, as well as other overseas governments. Goods exported outside the UK, and to certain approved bodies may be invoiced or charged at zero VAT in line with current rulings providing the necessary signed paperwork is available. 

18.4 All contract and transactions are subject to force majeure.

19. These Terms and Conditions

19.1 We may update, vary and amend these Terms and Conditions from time to time without prior notice. Each time you order or otherwise purchase a product from us, the Terms and Conditions in force at that time will apply (as set out on our website). We recommend that you check our website from time to time to ensure that you understand which Terms and Conditions apply. By continuing to access, browse and use this website, you will be deemed to have agreed to any changes or updates to our Terms and Conditions.

19.2 These Terms and Conditions set out the entire agreement between you and us and supersede any and all prior terms, conditions, warranties and/or representations to the fullest extent permitted by law.

19.3 There may be legal notices on other areas of this website which relate to your use of this website, all of which will, together with these terms & conditions, govern your use of this website.

19.4 If any provision of our agreement (including any provision in which we exclude or limit our liability to you) is found to be invalid or unenforceable in whole or in part, the validity of the other provisions in our agreement and the remainder of the provision in question shall not be affected.

19.5 No relaxation or delay by us in exercising any right or remedy under these Terms and Conditions shall operate as waiver of that right or remedy or shall affect our ability to subsequently exercise that right or remedy. Any waiver must be agreed by us in writing.

19.6 Only you and us shall be entitled to enforce these Terms and Conditions. No third party shall be entitled to enforce any of these Terms and Conditions, whether by virtue of the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 or otherwise.

19.7 These Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of England and Wales and any disputes shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales. All contracts are concluded in English.

19.8 These Terms and Conditions are applicable to the supply of all goods and services by GardenSite LLP unless other Terms & Conditions are specifically written for separate products/media.

20. Entire Agreement

20.1 This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between GardenSite LLP and a non-business customer and supersedes and extinguishes all previous agreements, promises, assurances, warranties, representations and understandings between them, whether written or oral, relating to its subject matter.

20.2 The non-business customer acknowledges that in entering into this agreement it does not rely on, and shall have no remedies in respect of, any statement, representation, assurance or warranty (whether made innocently or negligently) that is not set out in this agreement.

20.3 Both GardenSite LLP and the non-business customer agrees that it shall have no claim for innocent or negligent misrepresentation based on any statement in this agreement.

20.4 Nothing in this clause shall limit or exclude any liability for fraud.