Palram Canopia Gazebos, Carports & Canopies

Palram Canopia brand logo. A tree symbol with a white background,

Palram Canopia gazebos, carports, and canopies are substantially made with contemporary style to provide shade and shelter, both on summer days and winter days, sheltering you, an outdoor dining area or a car from the rain when and extending your living space into the garden. Glazed with translucent polycarbonate panels that allow through lots of light but block UV rays, Palram structures including their gazebos, carports and canopy ranges have strong galvanized steel or aluminium frames that benefit from a powder coating to prevent rust and corrosion.

Canopia gazebos have many uses including, an ever-increasing popular practice is to provide shelter over a hot tub or barbecue, while carports help to protect your car from UV damage. Additionally, if you're looking for a garden retreat or somewhere warm to relax and read a good book in, resin framed sun rooms and verandas are ideal for relaxing and entertaining, used as a breakfast room there’s no better place to start the day.

Canopia canopies vary greatly in size to perfectly suit different locations. Whether to use over your front door to shelter you from the rain when looking for the front door keys, or to be placed at the back of the home as to shelter a patio area in the garden, they will all help improve the outward appearance of your home while at the same time proving exceptionally practical for whatever you purpose have in mind.

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