Pest Deterrents

Many people suffer the consequences of having cats or foxes roaming their garden and leaving a mess, leaving horrific ‘gifts’ and disturbing the peace. They can be particularly distressing to any caged animals that you may keep outside as well as any birds you want to feed in your garden.

Our range of innovative pest deterrents provides you with a variety of non-invasive and pet-friendly pest control options that offer more humane and long-lasting ways of ridding your property of nuisances such as cats, foxes, rats and mice without any loss of efficiency.

Manufactured by Concept, the only UK-based pest deterrent manufacturer, these deterrents will discreetly blend into their environment and protect your property from unwanted pests, all year round. What's more, Concept offers the only pest deterrent, the CatWatch, that's been approved by the RSPB.

7 Products In This Range