Log Cabins

Running out of house space, need a home office or a quiet place for a hobby, or just somewhere outside the home for a garden getaway? The solution may well be a log cabin, increasingly seen as a cost-effective alternative to the expense and disruption caused by building an extension.

They are practical structures, substantially built, and generally do not require time-consuming and expensive planning permission. Many replicate traditional Scandinavian log cabins, others are contemporarily styled, and they all represent a handsome addition to your home.

Log cabins on GardenSite are all robustly constructed from high-quality timber and as this is a natural resource, the cabins blend easily and attractively into their surroundings. They can be used throughout the year and will prove to be an investment that will increase the value of your property.

So if you want a home gym or sauna, your children need a games room, or you require somewhere to enjoy the summer which has a relaxing ambience, then a Log Cabin is the ideal multi-use facility that can be quickly installed and used whatever the weather.

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