Garden Storage Boxes

Garden storage boxes whether timber, plastic or metal provide security and shelter for a huge variety of items both large and small. In short, anything that needs to be sheltered from the weather or hidden from view, from valuable garden equipment to cushions or children's toys that would otherwise be left lying around.

GardenSite has a superb range of garden storage boxes, they all blend practicality with a smart appearance, manufactured to top specifications from high-quality materials. Some have a dual-use such as a bench or chair that incorporates storage space, and there is a wide selection of sizes to accommodate a variety of garden and domestic goods.

Very durable and robustly manufactured, all GardenSite stores are sourced from the best manufacturers, available in a wide number of styles, and boast low maintenance yet a very long lifespan. Because of their enviable quality, the boxes will enhance their surroundings while offering excellent short or long term weatherproof protection.

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