So what are cookies?

Cookies are small text files stored on your computer to help websites function properly. Almost every single online shop or website which allows you to log in, uses cookies. If you have ever been on a shopping website or interactive website, then you will have almost certainly used cookies.

So why all the hype?

Recently a new law came to be in the UK, US and most of Europe which requires all websites to alert people to the pressence of cookies being used.

What cookies does this website use and why?

recently_viewed_products - This cookie remembers all the products you have viewed on the website so we can conveniently show them to you at the bottom of the page.

_gid _ga - Are all used by Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a tool used by most companies to track the amount of traffic on their website. Ultimately it helps us know what pages people like and don't like to help us improve over all user experience. You can see Google's Privacy Policy here.

devicePixelRatio - This cookie records your device’s pixel ratio. Depending on your screen resolution, the website may choose to serve you a higher resolution graphic.

cookie-disclaimer - This cookie is to identify if you as a user has been served the cookie disclaimer message when visiting the site.

Session cookies

Session Cookies are slightly different to normal cookies. They have a very secific task; they normally just contain a unique, randomly generated number associated with your computer. This is so our website can identify you. This allows shopping carts and user pages to identify you. Without them it would be near impossible to create online shops and websites like Facebook and Twitter.

Session cookies will normally just remove themselves after a period of 15 minutes or when you close down your internet browser.

Our session cookies

PHPSESSID - This is used to allow our shopping cart to work. Without this, you would simply not be able to add an item to the basket.

Your personal information

We never, ever store any of your personal information in any of our cookies or session cookies.

Are cookies a risk?

No, cookies can never harm your computer, they are nothing more than simple text files.

Do you agree to cookies?

If you accept our use of cookies and you are happy to let us use them with your browser then you don't have to do anything. You can simply continue to use the our website.

If you don't accept our use of cookies then you can click this link to a guide to show you how to disable cookies.