Pebble pool fountains are basically a reservoir enclosed with a lid and camouflaged with pebbles. It will prove an inexpensive feature in the garden, ideal if you have children as you will have an attractive feature without the dangers associated with open water.

Hardware Required

  • Pebble pool sump and lid (some brands offer them together)
  • Pump, we recommend a Hozelock Cascade 450 or similar, for small setups
  • Small length of 12mm pipe or fountain head which is included with the above pump
  • A few bags of pebbles
  • Jubilee clip if using pipe
  • Spade to dig the hole
  • Building sand
  • Drilled rock, drilled monolith if not using the fountain head
Pebble fountain

Get Started on Your Pebble Fountain

Decide where you want the feature, bear in mind you'll need an electrical supply to be within range (the Cascade 450 comes with 10 metres (33 feet) of electrical cable or you can use a solar equivalent)

Begin Digging Your Hole

Turn your sump upside down and mark the outside with some of your building sand, this gives you an idea of where to dig and how big your hole needs to be. Begin digging from the middle of your hole, this will mean the sides stay in better condition and they'll be stronger.

Dig slightly deeper than the sump and add a layer of building sand, this will give the base of the sump extra protection so it lasts longer. Once you're happy with it, place the sump in the hole and start backfilling the sides to make it secure.

Add Your Pump Into The Pebble Fountain

You can now add your pump into your empty sump, neatly run the cable to your power source. You can wire it in, just don't turn it on yet or the pump could burn out. If you're going to have a feature stone or monolith then put the pipe onto the pump and secure with a jubilee clip.

If you're not having a feature stone then add the fountain head instead of the pipe, put the lid of the pebble pool in place and fill it with water. If you're going to have a feature stone, such as a drilled rock or monolith, put this in place now and feed the tube through it.

Test Your Pump

Now is a good time to test the pump before you put all the pebbles on top. Adjust the fountain head, if you want it to spray higher bring the tube closer to the top. If you want the water to bubble out of the top of the rock then move the pipe lower.

Add Your Pebbles to the Feature

If everything looks good, the pump is working fine and you're happy with the set up then you can begin adding your pebbles. Give them a rinse before they go onto the feature to prevent the dust from discolouring the water or damaging the pump.

Further Information

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