Fencing can perform a varied number of tasks around the garden, and timber panels are the most popular way of creating of creating a fence as, due to their range of sizes and styles, they are so versatile and can be quickly installed at a reasonable cost.

What Do You Need The Fence For?

This has got to be the first question to ask yourself before deciding on the style and size of panel that's required. The most popular reasons are probably privacy and security. A high fence along the border of your property will conceal your garden from view to ensure privacy and also help secure it from uninvited guests.

Unappealing aspects of the garden such as wheelie bins or a compost heap can be hidden and perhaps more modest fencing used to compartmentalize the garden to create separate areas for vegetables, children's play area, lawn etc. Although perhaps on the periphery of your garden, fence panels complete the landscaping and have a profound effect on garden design, they are a vital element when you you are trying to create a modern, traditional or themed design.

What Type Of Panels Are Available?

Offered by all the main suppliers of timber garden landscaping, panels can be contemporary or rustic, featheredge or waney edge, solid or slatted, straight or domed, and many more styles. Each has their own character that can be practical or decorative.

There are panels that are specifically designed for security and others that are proven to deaden the sound if you happen to live adjacent to a busy road. Panels can also be dip or pressure treated, this effects their potential life span and whether they need regular treatment against rot.

What Sized Panels Do I Need?

The required size of a panel is largely dependent on the use to which it is going to be put and, because they have so many potential uses, there's a huge choice ranging from as little as 2ft to as much as 6ft in height and the same in width.

3ft picket fencing will look fabulous if you want to create a cottage garden or decoratively mark a border but for security you'll clearly going to choose a 6ft high panel. If you desire even more height, then there is the opportunity to add a trellis or similar extension to the top.

What Accessories Are Available?

Ball and acorn finials, post caps and capping rails will provide the finishing touch to your fence, and although entirely practical rather than decorative, most fences demand a gravel board that will ensure there is a level base for the panels to sit on and protect the the timber from moisture damage.