4 Burner Barbecues

If you are an enthusiastic outdoor cook, you’ll love one of our 4 burner barbecues with their terrific features and an outstanding capacity to perfectly prepare an impressive amount and variety of flavoursome food, enough to satisfy the appetites of a substantial number of people.

At your disposal will be hi-tech features that make grilling and roasting so much easier, and satisfyingly successful. There’s no reason to wait around to get started as instant ignition sees to that, cast iron grids, high-quality burners and vaporizers ensure the juiciest results, and integral temperature gauges ensure perfection.

Side shelves on traditionally styled four-burner barbecues are very useful preparation areas and also conceal side burners that can be used for sauces, you’ll also have the benefit of warming trays and more storage than on smaller models. 

There are built-in barbecues and outdoor kitchens, all manufactured to the highest standards with excellent specifications including easy to clean surfaces, and a substantial range of accessories such as a pizza stone and rotisserie will expand your culinary horizons still further.

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