Metal Garden Storage

A clickable banner that advertises the Biohort brand of metal garden storage, showing a grey metal storage box installed in a garden.Find your ideal metal garden storage from the extensive range offered by GardenSite, designed to provide safe and secure protection for a huge variety of items both large and small, anything from high-value garden equipment and domestic goods to cushions that need shelter from bad weather. All these stores are very practical and there are many that cater specifically for cycles, wheelie bins and gas canisters while others accommodate a diverse range of furnishings, tools and other equipment, whether this is for a short or long period of time, perhaps over winter.

Access inisde our metal garden storage boxes is made as easy by either roller shutters, sliding wide double doors, or lids that can be spring or hydraulically assisted. For security, many have integral floors and you’ll find that the stores can be padlocked or come complete with a substantial locking system. Only high-quality materials are used to manufacture these metal garden stores, most notably hot-dipped galvanized steel that has gone through several processes to ensure maximum weather-resistance.

65 Products In This Range