With a rounded or angular roof, gazebos are quite flexible in their appearance but the classic shape is multi-faceted, perhaps hexagonal or pentagonal, with one or more open sides. The timber frame can be enhanced by the use of different materials, for example, thatch or wicker.

Your choice of gazebo can depend on whether you are buying it for looks, functionality or both, it is going to be used for relaxation, entertaining, as a party space? Whatever your criteria, there's quite a range to choose from :-

Our Top Gazebos for Everyone

Zest Ashton BBQ Shelter


The Zest4Leisure range of gazebos offers a stylish yet practical area for relaxing and entertaining whether you're having friends and family over for a BBQ or you're just looking to relax on a hot summers day. The Zest Broxton gazeboKnutsford gazebo and Ashton BBQ shelter are perfect for BBQ's whereas the Zest Moreton and Zest Clifton gazebos are more traditional gazebos with comfortable seating areas. Although, if you're after a little more privacy, you can alter the appearance of a Gainsborough gazebo by switching wall panels to suit your own taste or location.

Our most robust Gazebos are made by Jagram and are available in multiple sizes with customizable options for the roof and flooring allowing you to create the perfect gazebo for your garden. The Cotswold Canopy is available in a simple design but extras can be added to increase its design to make it more like a gazebo.

The other popular models include the Jagram Chopin Maxi which provides plenty of space to host garden parties and a cosy place to unwind in the garden.

Or a Gazebo Just For You

A wooden gazebo in a garden setting.

Grange's Budleigh and Regis gazebos can be stunning focal points or centrepieces in any garden and you have the choice of various options to create a bespoke design. Start from the basic bandstand style and add lattices for shade or climbing plants, balustrades for style and good looks, and glass panels that enclose the gazebo but don't darken the interior.

M&M has a very fine range that gives you the option of a thatched roof, they culminate in the Oval Pavilion Gazebo that measures an impressive 5 x 5 metres. If you love entertaining, then their marvellous gazebo bars, either square, hexagonal or oval, will be of particular interest and can transport you and your pina colada to a Caribbean poolside. 

If you want some stateside style, you might consider the Palram Palermo 3000 gazebo which, rather than timber, is constructed from a tough but lightweight aluminium frame. The frame is powder-coated and rust-resistant with very durable qualities and will withstand harsh weather conditions.

Whatever you use it for, a gazebo gives you the chance to make the most of your garden. Multi-functional, a gazebo extends your living space and provides the opportunity for many activities all year round. The fabulous variety on offer means that you can choose the one that's exactly right for your garden.