Easter Island Head Garden Ornaments

For those looking to add a touch of mystery to their garden, easter island heads make appealing and attractive features when used as ornaments in the garden. Perfectly placed on a rockery, amongst bushes and shrubs, or just about anywhere within your outdoor space, they offer something a bit different, with a long and mysterious history.  

Easter islands heads, also known as the moai were made roughly 1100 - 1650 years ago, whereby Rapa Nui carvers crafted over 900 sculptures, the majority of which are still there today. These statues represent ancestral chiefs who were believed to have been descended directly from the gods, and of whom potentially had supernatural powers that could be used to benefit the whole of humanity. However, if you don't wish to travel all the way to the Easter Island in eastern Polynesia to see them all in person, you can still enjoy recreated garden ornaments at home, with our fantastic collection of moai statues and head ornaments.

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