Wire Fencing

On GardenSite you'll find all kinds of wire fencing at cheap prices with home delivery. Galvanised Chicken Wire Fence comes with a choice of 13mm, 25mm and 50mm mesh in various widths and lengths and with a PVC coating if required. Easy to install, this strong yet lightweight wire mesh is ideal to construct a fruit cage or protect greenhouse glazing.

Rabbit Wire is available with a 31mm mesh, already great value for money, bulk buying 25 or 53 rolls will make your purchase even more cost effective.

900mm wide Welded Galvanised Mesh in 6, 25, or 30metre lengths with various sized mesh will be perfect for a chicken coop or dog run and if you live in a high risk area and need to guarantee security, we have barbed and razor wire in 10 and 15 metre lengths respectively.