TMC LogoThe Tropical Marine Centre pioneered the use of TMC ultra-violet clarifiers (UVCs) that eradicate green water during the 1970s. Suspended algae can cause pond water to turn into something resembling pea soup especially during warm sunny weather and particularly if your pond is not shaded. So, to ensure your pond is a healthy environment in which aquatic wildlife thrives, it is important to put in place a UVC to eliminate the algae.

UVCs are a much more environmentally friendly solution to the problem than chemicals. After passing by the ultra violet lamp, the algae will clump together and get caught in filter foam. An improvement in your pond water can be seen in less than a week and the UVC will not affect any other pond life. TMC UVCs are available for various sized ponds plus all the spares you will require including bulbs that will need to be replaced each year.