Pond Heaters, Ice Prevention & Thermometers

Here are some tips on how to make your pond fit for the winter:

  • Remove any excess waste from the pond, including silt, sludge, leaves etc., using a fine net or a Pond Vacuum.
  • If your pump is less than 1ft 6ins / 0.5m deep in the pond, it should be removed, cleaned and stored in a bucket of water in a frost free environment, such as your garage.
  • The filter system can be drained and cleaned once the water temperature has dipped below 10 degrees centigrade as the biological activity in the filter will have stopped.
  • Floating Lights can remain in the pond throughout the winter, as they are unaffected by frost and ice, and can help to ensure an area of the pond stays ice free.
  • Ice prevention (e.g. heater) can also be used to allow essential gas and oxygen exchange to take place.
  • An air pump can also be used in winter months to stop the pond freezing over and trapping harmful gases and substances, which can be very harmful to fish. Do not try to break the ice as this can cause shock waves that can affect your fish.

Read our guide on keeping your pond ice free during the winter.

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