As a natural material, timber blends very well into the landscape and robustly made wooden planters can be both decorative and practical additions to the garden. They are available in various styles from simple containers to more substantial and ornamental designs.

Square Planters

There's a selection of elegant square planters with profiled sides and sturdy posts at each corner. Others forgo the posts and have interlocking timbers or half logs for a chunkier look in various sizes. Grange 'Elite' are individual planters, deep and tapered with plenty of room for root development. Their innovative range also includes a 'Barrel Planter' that features smooth half timbers and would roll over if it wasn't for sturdy supports that keep it steady.

Troughs and Wishing Wells

Troughs are many and various, four square or based on traditional animal feeders with cross legs to provide a secure footing. These are quite mobile and will make for a striking display of colour in any location whether in full sun or in a position that needs brightening up. Deep troughs can be planted with vegetables and all are particularly useful if you physically have trouble bending too far, 

The 'Wishing Well' planter uses interlocking logs and a wooden six sided roof to re-create a covered well with plants as the central feature and edging seats. There is also a semi-circular version that can be positioned neatly against a wall. 

Tiered Planters

Forest have a range of sturdy 'Caledonian' raised beds, the tiered version of which can contain an eye catching display of plants on three levels. The same company's 'Three Tier Cascade Planter' is an engaging cottage garden style from which plants teem over the sides of boxes on different levels and there is a similar product from M&M. Also multi-levelled is the three compartment Grange 'Corner Planter', that is intelligently designed for maximum impact in a confined space.

The sectionalised hexagonal herb wheel is practical as well as ornamental. The eye-catching geometric design looks extremely smart and functional, with the different beds clearly delineated to keep in check any invasive herbs such as mint. The wheel is sure to become a useful and impressive display of kitchen herbs as well as an eye-catching garden feature.

Tree Seat Planters

Other shapely products include tree seat planters, practical for people who like to relax in the shade with the fragrance from adjacent, carefully selected, scented flowers. Able to be fitted around fairly sizeable trees, they can be treated as any normal raised bed and the colourful planting will certainly brighten the base of any tree.

Interlogs produce a window seat planter, while several manufacturers have planters with trellises which range from the ornamental to ones that accommodate climbers including the Rowlinson square or rectangular planter with lattice or the Grange 'Bella Rosa Planter' that will fit neatly next to a door, in a corner or a confined space.

All timber products should last for many years with very little maintenance. Most now come pressure or dip treated with a 5, 10 or 15 year guarantee and there is a very wide selection of planters on GardenSite.