Do you need somewhere discrete to hide all your garden tools which are just lying around? You may not want a big bulky shed or storage unit getting in the way or ruining the design of your garden. So our list of  top garden storage boxes may just be the ideal option.

Storage by Suncast

Patio Seat with Garden Storage

This is the ideal storage solution if you need an extra seat in the garden, home or conservatory, as well as a handy storage box. Perfect for those unexpected guests, another positive of this patio seat is the 'stay dry' design allowing everything inside to stay protected from any harsh weather. Now you may be thinking, is this seat really strong enough for an adult to sit on if it's also a storage unit? Well, it may be lightweight but with its injection moulded resin material and a five-year guarantee, you know that it is going to be a durable hard-wearing storage box. See the Suncast Patio Seat here.

Suncast patio seat with garden storage
Open Suncast patio seat showing its contents
Cream coloured Suncast patio seat

Wicker Coffee Table with Storage

So you've seen the chair (above) and now you can have a matching table with storage, offering a stylish solution for your garden. Perfect for a quick tidy before the extended family comes round on a surprise visit, or show it off as your new fancy food and drink table, with its modern wicker design you can't go wrong. This high-quality plastic can withstand the weather Britain has to offer while ensuring the contents inside are kept dry, your chair cushions will forever look brand new and any garden accessories will have a home for the winter. See the Suncast Wicker Coffee Table here.

Suncast Garden Wicker Storage Coffee Table
Suncast Garden Wicker Storage Coffee Table BMDB3000
Suncast Garden Wicker Storage Coffee Table white

Storage Bench

With a generous amount of space for furniture cushions and children's toys, you can now make your garden look tidy again and also have the convenience of a seat after all the hard work you've done in your garden. I know what you're is an item you store your garden accessories in going to be comfy. Well, Suncast ensures comfort and stability in all their garden storage seat units with their contoured air-cushioned backs along with extra-long armrests. So take a seat and relax, that's what a garden is for after all. See the Suncast Storage Bench here.

Suncast 87litre Plastic Storage Bench
Suncast 87litre Plastic Storage Bench
Suncast 87litre Plastic Storage Bench

Storage by Forest Garden

If you're looking for a storage box with a more natural appearance, then a Forest Garden product could be your choice, with their wooden range offering simple storage solutions. However, if timber isn't your cup of tea, don't worry as Forest also offer a plastic range so you won't be missing out either way!

Pent Garden Store

This convenient mid-sized storage unit would be the perfect addition to a cluttered garden. Easily protecting all of your equipment and tools from the weather with its pressure treated timber along with a felt roof offering protection from rain, rot and keeping all your belongings nice and dry. Now you don't just want them to be protected from the weather but also to protect them from any thieves. Well, Forest knows this is a priority, therefore, these Pent Garden Stores have a hasp and staple which can be fitted with a padlock (for that extra bit of security). See the Forest Pent Garden Store here.

An open forest garden pent store showing it's contents inside
Inside Forest Pent Garden Store
Open forest garden store showing its contents inside

Shiplap Storage Box

I know what you're thinking, this small storage box can't possibly fit all of the contents shown below. Well...even though it may seem compact, when the full-length lid is fully open you will notice just how much of your gardening equipment, children's toys or leisure items you can store inside. The lid comes complete with a weatherproof coated felt along with a useful handle for easy access to your garden necessities. This small footprint storage box is perfect for that spare space you have next to your patio doors or in a garage/workshop. See the Forest Shiplap Storage Box here.

Forest Shiplap Storage Box
inside Forest Shiplap Storage Box
Handle Forest Shiplap Storage Box

Storage by Biohort

Now if you want the best protection for your garden items then Biohort could be your answer, as they offer a wide range of metal storage solutions perfect for those expensive items you want keeping safe. 

Leisure Time Box 180

This stylish box is perfect for storing pool accessories, sports equipment, towels, cushions or even used as a seat and the list goes on! There are no limits to what this storage solution can store and, with a 180cm long metal framework, everything is secured by a twist handle with a cylinder lock. Not only will your items be safe and secure but fully protected from anything the weather may throw (or pour down) at it. You may be wondering, is it hard to lift open the lid considering the top quality metal specifications mentioned previously? Well, think again, as Biohort has ensured you'll have easy access through its gas-operated spring-assisted lid. See the BioHort Leisure Time 180 Box here.

Biohort Leisure Time Box 180
Biohort handle
Biohort Leisure Time Box 180 in white

HighBoard 200 Metal Storage Box 

A pristine storage solution guaranteed to be maintenance-free with a massive storage capacity of 2150 litres and fitted with sufficient access as both the top lid and double doors open wide with gas assisted spring dampers, enabling everything to be within easy reach. This practical storage box is efficient in every possible way through offering an intermediate floor which forms a shelf and suspension basket to keep your belongings organised and tidy, as well as being able to store two adult bikes or three 120L wheelie bins. This really is a versatile storage solution you can't miss out on with guaranteed durability and proven strength with a reassuring offer of a generous 20-year guarantee. See the BioHort HighBoard 200 Storage Box here.

BioHort HighBoard 200 Metal Storage Box
An open Biohort storage unit containing a pair of bikes
BioHort HighBoard 160 Metal Storage Box

A Little Summary...

So there you have it, our top nine garden storage products offering a versatile array of uses and available in a range of materials, styles and shapes to suit you and your garden.