Pebble Pools and Reservoir Kits Water Features and Fountains

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Self-contained pebble pool water features and fountains that are ideal for your home, office, garden, or patio, suitable for inside or out.

What are the Features of Pebble Pools and Reservoir Kits?

Pebble pool bases are used to provide a coloured stone, shale or pebble surface for a fountain or water feature. They consist of a water reservoir or sump that can be sunk into the ground and a disc, that  fits over the reservoir. Pebbles or shale are used to cover the disc. Once installed only the pebble surface is visible, yet there is a reservoir of water beneath it. A pond pump can be used to circulate water from the reservoir up to a fountain head or water feature located on the pebble surface. Water falling back on to the surface drains down, back into the reservoir below where it can be re-circulated by a pond pump. Heavy-duty versions are ideal for use as a monolith base.

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