How To Keep A Shed Tidy

There's no doubt that a tidy shed is an efficient shed, but in many, it’s a miracle that anything can be found at all. Even though you may start with the best intentions, tools and equipment are soon discarded with little thought to the next time you need to use them.

So much so that Time Team might have to be called in, conducting geophysical surveys to discover long lost implements!

This isn’t the best state of affairs, adversely affecting how efficiently you can work. It can also be dangerous, tripping over something on the floor might give you a few bruises but your dog consuming a bag of weedkiller thoughtlessly left around will have unfortunate consequences.

The problem can easily be resolved with some useful shed accessories.

Tool Racks


Garden tools can come in all shapes, most of the awkward variety, an odd-shaped kit that just won’t behave if you want to stand it up or lean against the side of the shed. Try as you might, they end up perched precariously or piled on top of each other untidily.

shed tool rack is ideal to hold anything from rakes and forks to shovels and strimmers, all neatly in place, fixed or with wheels, they can prove exceptionally useful. The tools won't then fall over, and you won't either with the chance or both injuring yourself and damaging the item in question.


Shelving is, of course, another useful addition. Manufacturers such as Suncast sheds make easily fitted shelves that can hold up to 45kg (100lbs). But even shelving needs to be organized, so why not place the items that you use the most within easy reach and those that are not so commonly called upon higher up. Any heavy tools and equipment are probably best at lower levels so that they can be easily picked up or topple on top of anyone.

Suncast Garage Wall Store


Old cabinets and unwanted furniture from the house or bought from car boot sales can find a new home in your shed. Seeds stored in old bathroom cabinets sounds a good idea and dressing tables can become very effective workbenches with drawers for gardening oddsand ends of all sorts.

Suncast wall cabinet with metal reinforced shelving supports up to 23kg (50lbs), it can be locked for security and made from scratch-resistant heavy duty resin. There are also cabinets that sit on the floor, the Base Cabinet from Suncast has a pair of adjustable shelves that can hold up to 75lbs so that many items of various sizes can easily be accommodated. The double doors accept a padlock and the unit can be quickly assembled with no tools necessary.

Roof Storage

If you look up in an apex roofed shed you'll see lots of space that's doing nothing and this void can needless to say be usefully employed. Suncast have already thought about this and have come up with a Loft Storage Shelf that consists of a truss inside the shed roof that holds 22kg (49lbs). It's also quite easy to build a DIY version of this with plywood and timber to hold tools and equipment out of sight but easily accessible.

Hooks and Pegs

Hooks are incredibly useful to hang secateurs, trowels and anything else that is small and light. Double, single and S-shaped, they are cheap and easy to install and you can create an impressive tool wall very quickly perhaps using additional brackets to keep larger tools in place. A pegboard panel can also be used to configure a similar arrangement with wire baskets as well as hooks.

Small plants sporuting in glass jards.

Jars and Tins

Don't throw away empty coffee jars and biscuit tins, these are storage opportunities not to be missed. Just think how many seed packets can be kept airtight in a tin that once contained a selection of Christmas toffees. And various gardening commodities can be kept and easily seen in a glass jar that was once home to your favourite full-bodied blend.