A stylish firepit with space underneath to store logs

Contemporary Firepits

Contemporary firepits have become extremely popular over recent years, exuding heat and a warm glow that everyone can sit around and enjoy.

There's a plethora of styles from the simple but very effective bowls of the Pittsburgh, Boston, San Diego and Stamford models to the fabulous Horse and Dragon fire globes that produce flaming silhouettes.

The beautifully coloured Kala and Fasa firepits will introduce an eastern ambiance with their presence while their oxidized metal appearance is replicated by several others including the very impressive Moho and Ruga firepits and upright Ochiba and Teya designs which all have space for logs underneath their bowls.

There are fire baskets such as the Vancouver and Alberta with open sides through which air rushes to fuel the flames in addition to the Casablanca and Minnesota versions which are good examples of enclosed fire baskets with flames dancing behind decorated laser cut grills.

Gas fuelled firepits including the Daytona, Sarasota and Orlando tend to have a more substantial character due to discreetly hidden gas canisters, but there is no doubt that they are eye-catching and intriguing designs.

A firepit with a grill attachment, with food being cooked by two people

Firepits With Grills

Many of the firepits such as the Moresque, Camping and bright orange Globe Enamelled Firepit, come supplied with cooking grills so they can be used as a mini-barbecue for any foodstuff that benefits from the smoky heat of a log fire.

There's also the specially designed Pizza Firepit with a steel stand with a cordiente stone that can handle high temperatures and on which the pizza cooks under a steel lid.

And any firepit can be turned into a grill with La Hacienda's Tripod with Hanging Grill. This can be quickly assembled and hanging from a central point is an adjustable chrome grill that can be positioned over the flames. It's a wonderful centrepiece and will produce fantastic food.