Most people will be familiar with timber log lawn edging but this traditional material has now been joined by other innovative products that very effectively achieve similar results. Whatever form of edging you choose, it will complete your lawn in a tidy and visually satisfying way and at the same time enhance the appearance of your entire garden.

Timber Logs

There are several manufacturers of timber garden products who offer log edging of various heights to create a very neat border around grass and other garden features. Lengths of this edging can be bought individually or in multi-packs, the logs are usually half rounded with a domed or level top.

Popularly bought as a roll, this type of edging can be easily secured using metal or wooden stakes inserted into the ground. Alternatively you may be able to fix the edging in place without stakes if you choose a product where several or each log has a sharp base that can be hammered home. Log edging can also be supplied in a rigid straight style that is less versatile but has a longer spiked log at each end so that additional stakes are not necessary.

Alternative Edging

Slatted edging is another timber style that will suit a long straight border in a contemporary garden landscape. Pressure treated and with a porous liner to guarantee a long life span, each piece has a spike at each end.

With a presence that is less obvious, Eco Green edging is a very easy to install and versatile product. Olive green in colour, it is kept in place by sturdy pins, is flexible and can be used around a curved lawn or bed. Blending perfectly with the rest of the garden, when positioned it can be covered with turf or decorative stones to remain out of sight.

Available in four different colours, Swift Garden Edging is another product that will create a defined border very quickly and, because of its height, will remain discrete. Again available in various lengths and suitable for different surfaces, each kit comes complete with stakes and joining strips. Made from aircraft aluminium, it is maintenance free and guaranteed for 25 years.


Traditionally styled railway sleepers, either 'mini' or full length are yet another edging material in addition to being particularly useful for building a raised bed and creating other landscaping projects.

Clearly very strong, robust and with a long lifespan, these sleepers can be an impressive 8ft long and, unlike real sleepers, will not be soaked in oil or creosote. They are completely safe to use and have been pressure treated against wood rot and fungal decay

Other choices of sleeper include those with smooth rounded edges or ones that have been artificially aged to create a rustic look. Judging from their ability to be used for projects as diverse as creating steps or forming a pond surround, there's no doubt that sleepers will prove to be a useful landscaping tool in any garden.