Here we have the perfect guide to help you choose the right storage solution for your bike, whether you're looking for a metal, wooden or plastic model, we have all the options you could ever need to keep your bike tucked out of the way and securely out of sight. Not to mention to keep those thieves away! So carry on reading and you can have the perfect answer to your bike storage problems.

Metal Bike Storage Options

Possibly the safest and strongest storage solution you could purchase. No thief is going to pick a fight with a metal bike store as we all know who would come out as the winner, and it's safe to say that your bike would be in the exact same place as it was originally stored in.


Now let's get down to the important features that these bike stores and lockers possess that make them perfect for any garden. As previously stated, these stores and lockers will not only put up a fight with their thick galvanized steel wall panels (along with a metal floor base) but will protect your bikes from all weather conditions, so they are ideal for the unpredictable weather here in the UK. As well as being weatherproof, metal stores can come fully fire-resistant. What more could you possibly need to protect your bikes... Oh, that's right a three-point secure locking mechanism system allowing these reliable Asgard bike store and bike lockers to keep your bikes more secure than ever!

Asgard Addition 6 x 3 ft Bike and Caravan Store
Asgard 3 x 6 ft Twin Bike Locker
Asgard bike shed


We know you want your bikes easily packed away and hidden from prying eyes, that's why Trimetals could be your solution. They have been manufacturing their bike stores along with many other products for many many years and their expertise is unrivalled. So you can be sure that they have the most effective security measures built into their design, like the heavy-duty ground anchor with an internal chain, so that's basically double the protection, as not only will you be locking the door but also securing your bike the ground! These bike stores certainly have one proud feature to show off... that they adhere to police preferred specifications (how fancy!). And here's the reason for it...extraordinary workmanship, which really pays off when coming complete with PVC rust coated and galvanized steel panels, you can't go wrong with a bike store with such high specifications.

Trimetals Bicycle Store
Trimetals Bicycle Store in cream
Trimetals Protect A Cycle

Wooden Bike Store Options

They might not be as strong as the metal bike stores but they look much more traditional! A sleek wooden design fits perfectly into any garden due to the natural timber appearance. However, one thing that's important is to keep them out of thieving eyes, so you need to keep your eyes out as well, for any of those unwanted visitors.


Now I know what you're thinking, they may not be as secure, but that doesn't mean safety measures haven't been put into place! Take these two perfect examples of how your bikes can be just as safe, for one it has hidden door hinges so you don't need to worry about thieves trying to unscrew them because it won't be possible. Not only are the hinges hidden but there is a plate hasp and staple closure to use alongside a padlock, now you can always squeeze another padlock on there just to be safe but that's just down to personal preference. Also, if you're worried about the wood getting damp and not fulfilling its purpose well don't worry, they're made from treated timber with a minimum of a 10-year guarantee against rot.


Forest Pent Large Mower Store
Bike inside for example.
Forest Dip treated large store, with a bicycle inside


Dorset Log Stores

This stronghold bicycle store will not only fit perfectly into your garden with its Swedish timber but it's pressure treated finish offers maximum hard-wearing qualities, hence its 15-year guarantee against rot and fungal decay. As well as keeping everything dry through the curved steel roof, a slate grey plastic coating which not only protects it from the weather but also provides resistance to rust. Now I know you don't just want it to be weatherproof but also safe, well Dorset Log Stores knows safety is a priority which is why this bicycle store comes fitted with a plate hasp and closure lock so you can rest assured that your bikes and bike accessories will be safe from thieves.

Dorset Stronghold 6ft Bicycle Store
Dorset Stronghold 6ft Bicycle Store
Dorset Stronghold 6ft Bicycle Store

Plastic Bike Store Option

If you'd prefer a more stylish bike store in your garden, plastic may just be the way to go. If you have a contemporary garden but also need to keep your bikes safe and secure then a plastic bike store is undoubtedly the best pick for you.  


We'd all love to make our life easier and with these lockable Keter grande stores you can. Not only do the two double front doors open for easy access, but this modern store offers an easy to open hydraulic top!. Meaning you don't need to be messing around trying to squeeze your bikes inside while trying to keep the lid open at the same time anymore! We know what your strong is plastic really? Well this store has all of the technological advancements you could ever need, with its advanced Duotech walls which resist fading, peeling and need very little maintenance, along with steel reinforcements making this store extremely robust to withstand any type of bad weather. If this store still isn't as contemporary as imagined you can even paint it any colour to match your garden due to the special plastic material the panels are made from.

Keter storage Unit
Man storing bikes inside a keter storage unit
Keter Elite Storage Shed

A Little Summary...

As we all know bikes do not come cheap and therefore, we all need somewhere safe to keep them and this guide should give you the best information to protect your bikes from all weathers, not forgetting those annoying thieves.