A fresh visual impact can be achieved through highlighting different aspects of your garden, installing patio spotlights and lining you path or driveway with post and pillar lights.

Your garden should be enjoyed after dark as well as in daylight, and mains lighting helps enormously to achieve this ambition with illumination that are can be practical as well as decorative. With such a reliable and constant energy source, your night time garden will become a bright and very characterful outside space.

Pathway Lighting

Offering decorative light while at the same time making the walk along a path or drive, perhaps over a patio, very much safer in the dark, there are various heights of pathway lighting from which to choose, some pathway lights are traditional in design while others offer contemporary style. 

Made from steel or aluminium, many lights are designed to be fitted to a pillar while others are freestanding, several can be simply spiked into the ground and a succession of lights will create a fine visual effect while emitting LED or halogen brightness that lights up the adjacent area.


When approaching a house, lampposts effortlessly add a touch of class to a drive and can be used to add height and structural interest to many other parts of the garden. No longer gas lit of course, some have an incandescent light source while others benefit from advanced LED technology which is far more energy efficient.

With up to three lanterns, several replicate ornate Victorian designs, others offer a contemporary take on old fashioned elegance, and many more are just plain modern. Different powder coated colours are available, some lampposts come complete while other lamps allow you to choose a complementary post.

Pillar Lights

Shorter but performing a similar function to taller lampposts, pillar lights will also very effectively illuminate paths and drives. In different colour finishes and manufactured from reliably weatherproof materials, they are designed to be either freestanding or mounted on a base or pillar. Whether traditional or contemporary in appearance, pillar lights are particularly attractive at the head or bottom of a set of steps, their light shines through 360o and will envelope both a path and the adjacent garden in a delightful arc of bright light.

Spot Lights

Positioned around your garden, spot lights are marvellous at highlighting a particular tree, shrub or feature such as a statue or bird bath. The whole garden seems to come alive when several are used to illuminate focal points and they create a superb ambiance.

Fitted flush to ground level or on a short stem, the edge of a path can be lined or they can be used to create an interesting visual effect scattered over an area of decking. Another great idea is to have recessed lights along the eaves of your house facing downward to illuminate the frontage.

Wall Mounted Lights

Made from a variety of materials such as aluminium, stainless steel and acrylic, wall mounted lights come in a wonderful array of styles to complement your house. Their presence will offer practical assistance when you are returning home late at night and they can also perform a decorative function.

Illuminating a porch or the line of a path around your house, there is a vast choice of styles, from the ornate to what might be termed industrial. Shining brightness up, down or all around, they can be used to show off your house by creating patterns of light or be purely practical, with many offering a combination of these qualities.

Security Lights

Again there is a wide variety of styles even though the overriding function of these lights is to offer protection. Usually wall mounted, light can be directed over a wide area and they can also be fitted to outbuildings, sheds or garages where expensive equipment may be stored and which are especially vulnerable to thieves. 

Depending on the model, the lights can be programmed to come on and turn off at certain times or used purely to detect movement. Surprisingly easy to install and boasting low running costs, as well as discouraging thieves and highlighting strangers, these security lights will give you useful illumination when returning home.