There's a huge range of barbecues to choose from nowadays and many will have at least some of these accessories already included. But whatever the specification, here's a checklist of what you should be looking for.


Looking fully in control, you'll always inspire confidence with a professional style apron. A smart and very practical accessory, your clothes will be protected from any accidental spills and the pockets can hold any small items that might prove useful.

Utensil Set

A hardwearing set of stainless steel utensils is essential. No barbecue chef should be without a spatula to flip burgers, tongs that turn steaks and a grill brush to ensure the grids remain clean. Heat resistant handles are naturally recommended, the tools should be dishwasher safe and, although possibly not strictly crucial, a bottle opener always comes in handy as well.


LEDs that are specifically designed for barbecues will light up your workspace while leaving your hands free to get on with the grilling, and you'll find this so much more practical than a head light or traditional torch. By using a built-in magnet or clip, the LED can be attached to the grill or utensils, and the bright illumination, that can be be tilted and rotated, will allow you to cook well into the evening.


Helping you to achieve perfect results and ensuring that everything is safe to eat, you should substitute guess work with precision by using a thermometer. This can be a simple hand held probe with a LCD display or a more sophisticated version with multiple probes. Some will allow you to set custom cooking temperatures and Bluetooth enabled thermometers can even send a message to your phone when the desired temperature is reached.

Rotating Skewer Rack

If you love making your own kebabs, a stainless steel skewer rack will ensure they cook evenly and do not stick. With heat resistant handles and square skewers that are designed to hold the food in place rather than spinning, you'll be able to rotate, baste and grill the kebabs with ease to produce fabulous kebabs to your own recipe.

Chicken Roaster

The ideal accessory to achieve perfectly roasted and flavoursome chicken, with a drip tray base that can be used to cook vegetables at the same time. A cup containing your own infusion of herbs and other flavourings, or even an open beer can, can be placed in the centre of the roaster to impart a fabulous taste and ensure the chicken remains moist.


For succulent meals that approach restaurant quality, there's nothing better than a rotisserie. This is made up of a spit rod with forks to hold the meat in place. To ensure evenly cooked meat, the rod is slowly turned by an electric motor and, underneath the rotisserie, delicious roast potatoes and other vegetables can be prepared in a drip tray so that none of the juices are wasted.

Pizza Stone, Spatula and Cutting Wheel Set

A pizza stone will produce the crispiest and freshest homemade pizzas. After topping the dough with all your favourite ingredients, slide it onto the stone with the spatula or peel. The same utensils can remove the pizza when cooked and it can then be cut into perfect slices. The stone will actually mature over time, so your cooking will get even better.

Grill Basket

Fish, vegetables and grilled sandwiches can all be accommodated in a grill basket, you'll be amazed at the large range of foodstuffs that it can be used to gently cook. Everything is held delicately by hinged sides and the basket can be simply flipped over so that all the contents are grilled evenly. A rotisserie version is also available that cooks great chips among other delights.

Barbecue Cover

When the all the food has been eaten and the last guest has left, when the grill has been cleaned and the drip tray emptied, it will be time to cover the BBQ until next time. Most manufacturers will offer a bespoke weatherproof cover and there are others from specialist companies that are freely available, they will all protect your valuable barbecue from the ravages of the British climate and are particularly useful over winter if the barbecue is little used.