Ponds look great during the day, an expanse of water that's a beautiful garden enhancement, perhaps with a fountain or waterfall introducing movement and sound.

With no need for an electrician, low voltage and solar lighting is easy to install and will transform your pond into a bright and colour filled attraction after dark. In particular, long-lasting LEDs with low running costs will enable you and your guests to enjoy a water feature after sunset as well as during daylight hours.

built pond example

Pond Lights

Very affordable lighting starts with the PondoStar LED Underwater Spotlight Set that features three lights that can be submerged in one metre of water or alternatively arranged around the pond edge.

If there's a feature that would benefit from being highlighted you should consider the Oase Lunaqua 1, a single five-watt halogen light that has a stainless steel pedestal and clamp that offers 230° illumination for a statue or waterfall.

Traditional spotlights are represented by Oase Lunaqua Classic LED Pond Lights which radiate a warm white glow and their broad-angle can be used to highlight plants, statues and any other pond features that deserve to be admired in the evening.

There are also Lunaqua Mini LEDs, a set of three 'accent lights' with shining stainless steel fittings that can be used submerged or above the water. They can be accurately adjusted when located on patios and decking as well as ponds.

The various Lunaqua 3 light sets each present a number of possibilities with a beam angle, four high-quality colour discs (red, orange, green and blue) and other accessories that will satisfy your creativity.

Another lighting system whose warm light, from a choice of 35, 50 and 75-watt halogen bulbs, can be used in or on the side of a pond is Lunaqua 10 range which has spikes for a garden location but can also be used underwater.

Oase LunAqua Power Underwater LED Spotlight Set and Blagdon's LED Pond And Garden Lights are further examples of dual-function pond and garden lights with spikes so that they can be fixed securely to the ground.

Finally, there's every chance that your lighting requirements will be completely met by the Lunaqua Power LED XL range which boasts eight versions, warm and cool white lights with standard spot, narrow spot, standard flood or wide beam alternatives that can be submerged 4 metres or used at ground level.

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Illuminated Fountains

One of the simplest methods of increasing interest in your pond are illuminated fountains, the Bermuda Solar Pond Twilight LEDs include a solar panel, two acrylic fountain heads and a light ring that creates a delightful effect when used in conjunction with the Bermuda and Atom pump ranges.

Another imaginative effect can be created by floating Globe Pond Lights that are made from hand-blown glass and contain low voltage bulbs. They are connected to a low voltage transformer and supplied with 30ft of cable.

LEDs can be built into EasyClear, Cascade and other Hozelock fountains. Their Multipurpose LEDs feature three bright white lights that can be arranged in a ring around the fountain to introduce extra sparkle to their display.

Eastern Connections manufacture colour changing LEDs for their PondJet Eco Floating Fountain and this can be used in conjunction with the Oase Wireless LAN FM Master System so that the pump and lights are able to be controlled by a smartphone app.