Are you looking for a way to naturally enhance your garden without disturbing the existing environment too much? If your goal is to create a subtle and seamless transition between ecosystems, introducing water into your garden by installing a preformed garden pond is the perfect way to achieve this. In this guide, we’ll dive into the features and benefits of preformed ponds, how to install them and what you can expect from having a preformed fish pond in your garden.

Gaby showcasing a Bermuda Bay Pond at GardenSite HQ in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham

What are preformed ponds made of?

A practical option to traditional flexible liners, most preformed ponds are made from a durable, rigid, black polyethylene (PE) plastic that is 3-4mm thick, such as the OASE range of preformed plastic ponds. The high-quality materials used in the construction of plastic preformed ponds make them resistant to both UV rays and icy weather conditions as well as helping to prevent leaks from occurring later down the line.
What's more, preformed ponds do not suffer from unsightly creases, unlike flexible pond liners.
You can also find preformed ponds that are made from fibreglass which are naturally very strong and have a proven lifelong expectancy. 
Generally speaking, preformed ponds are very strong and tough and should last you a lifetime if installed and maintained correctly.

Photo demonstrating the 3-4mm thickness of an OASE PE 1000 Preformed Pond
GardenSite team member Andrew Hall demonstrates the strength and durability of an OASE preformed pond, despite being lightweight and easy to transport
Close-up image of a Marlin Fibreglass Pond made by Pond Products UK (formerly Lotus Atlantis)

What are the advantages of having a preformed pond in your garden?

Preformed ponds look great - The first and arguably most obvious benefit of introducing a preformed pond into your outdoor space is that it will add a tremendous amount of visual and aesthetic appeal. Thanks to their natural-looking, informal shapes, they will subtly and inconspicuously blend into any outdoor environment. A fantastic feature of most preformed ponds is the use of bio-edges for marsh plants that go around the perimeter, creating a natural pond margin and thus further contributing towards achieving an inartificial waterside look.
Alternatively, you may wish to show off your new pond by making it a focal point, perhaps to create a balanced design or to add character and dimension to your garden. Whatever your reasoning for installing a preformed pond, they are certainly a practical and versatile choice for all, especially for those who are looking for a pond for small gardens with limited space.

Preformed ponds will encourage wildlife into your garden - Another functional feature of preformed ponds is that they have multiple shelves that are pre-integrated into the mould. What’s great about this is not only do they allow for varying depths of planting, but once they have indeed been planted up, they’ll act as a ‘pathway’ for wildlife, helping them to find their way in and out of the pond with ease. It goes without saying that preformed ponds often become the preferred natural sanctuary of frogs, toads and other aquatic animals which, by return, will enhance the overall ecological harmony of your outdoor space. In difficult or sloping areas where wildlife may struggle to get out, consider strategically placing decorative rocks or stones to offer a helping hand.
The amount, depth and width of marginal shelves will dictate how many and what type of plants can be grown in the pond. If possible there should be shallow, marginal, and deep water to suit different species of plant, and inspiration can be gained from our alternate guide; Which Plants Can Be Used In A Pond.  

Preformed ponds are very easy to install - Perhaps the reason that they are so popular - preformed ponds are notoriously simple to install. They have been cleverly designed to make things as trouble-free for the consumer. Being pre-moulded, preformed ponds take away the hassle of having to design and build a shaped pond. What’s more, they’re super lightweight, making it easy for experienced landscapers and beginners alike to insert them into the ground and subsequently move them to a new location in the future, if required.

Photo showcasing an example of the marginal pre-moulded shelves on a Bermuda preformed pond 

How do you install a preformed pond?

First and foremost, it’s important to rinse the pond out before installing it into the ground. This is simply to give you peace of mind that there are no chemicals left over on it from the manufacturing process which could affect the water quality and be potentially harmful to any aquatic visitors.
Equally as important to check is that the pond is level. You can achieve this by digging your hole slightly wider and deeper than required, by approximately 4 to 6 inches all around, before filling the bottom with sand or sifted soil to create a solid and level base. It’s recommended to use a spirit level to double-check that the pond is level from side to side and end to end. Once you’re happy that the base is 100% level, position the preformed liner into the hole, starting to fill the pond whilst backfilling around the edges and continuing to check the levels as you go. This will assist in establishing any ground movement that may occur as the weight of the pond slowly increases as you fill it with water. It is paramount to ensure that the pond is secure in the ground with no rocking or movement. 
One key point to keep in mind is that the most preformed ponds need fully supporting underneath each shelf section, so it is recommended to position these ponds in the ground as opposed to using them as an above-ground feature.
If you are looking for a pond to be positioned above ground, we would recommend purchasing a fibreglass pond or holding tank.

Photo sent in by GardenSite customer showing as OASE PE 750 Preformed Pond adequately installed into the ground

Where can I buy a preformed pond?

We are proud to sell a wide range of preformed ponds from multiple brands, including OASE, Blagdon, Bermuda, Lotus and Laguna, here at GardenSite HQ. In most cases, we offer free and fast delivery to mainland UK addresses. We invite customers to visit our Show Site, located at Hall’s Garden Centre, 211 Chester Rd, Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham, B73 5BD where we can showcase a selection of our range and provide in person advice about all specifics of the OASE preformed plastic pond range. Alternatively, give the team a call on 0121 355 7702.

Photo sent in from a GardenSite customer of their OASE PE 1000 Preformed Pond as a finished product


As we have learnt, preformed ponds are probably the most favoured alternative to the classic pond liner. They’re great value-for-money products that offer a harmonious mix of durability, simplicity in installation and aesthetic allure, three key elements which undoubtedly meet the demands of both beginners and professionals. So, if you’re looking for a way to effortlessly enhance and enrich your garden with natural design, encourage aquatic life into the environment and foster a vibrant ecosystem, perhaps consider investing in a preformed pond. 

We hope you have found this informative guide on preformed ponds helpful. As a thank you for taking the time to read, we invite you to use code ‘PONDGUIDE’ at checkout when purchasing your preformed pond of choice. This will take 5% off the total amount payable.