Potting Sheds

A potting shed is an invaluable garden buy for keen growers as it allows you to start growing as soon as the season starts, whilst providing storage space for those gardening tools and equipment within the shed section.
Especially ideal for where space is limited in the garden, a potting shed negates the need for separate greenhouse and garden shed structures, combing the advantages of both into just one building where you can both pot seedlings and plants, as well as keep all those essential tools neatly tidied away throughout the year.

Potting sheds normally comprise of a glass-fronted side with staging or a shelf for plant pots and seed trays to be placed, getting plenty of natural sunlight through the glazing panels, whilst keeping your plants and seedlings within a warm environment and away from early frosts. On the opposite side of the potting would normally be the storage area. Ideal for keeping the lawnmower, gardening tools, and any foldable garden furniture that you wish on storing away over the winter months.

The build quality of all the potting sheds available to buy on GardenSite is exceptional, with all being sourced from well-known brands from the likes of Swallow, Power, and Shedlands - all three being highly reputable timber pitting shed crafters within the UK. Many are built from top-quality, imported Scandinavian timber, along with a large choice of specifications to suit your preferences such as different widths and depths to suit your outdoor space, multiple glazing types, different types of cladding, door positioning, and more. We're sure to have the perfect fitting model for both you and your garden, for many years of growing and practical storage. Shop our range of potting sheds, all with free delivery throughout mainland UK.

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