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Plant Feed and Fertilisers

Plant Feed and Fertilisers are powerful tools if you want your fruit, flowers and foliage to develop to their maximum potential. Several essential elements must be present in any growing medium, these are N, P, K (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium together with magnesium, calcium and sulfur. In addition, several trace elements such as iron, zinc, copper, boron, manganese and molybdenum are also essential.

Especially if grown in containers your plants may lack a balanced blend of these nutrients and many will require specialist products to create optimum growing conditions. Tomatoes, citrus, roses and orchid all have individual requirements for healthy fruiting and growth, so whether you favour cultivating vegetables, fruit or flowers, success can never be guaranteed but plant fertilisers and feed will give you a much better chance of achieving impressive results.

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Chempak Tomato Food Soluble 1 kg Sold Out

Chempak Tomato Food Soluble 1 kg

2 - 3 Days*
Chempak Tomato Food can be used FOR ALL CHERRY & STANDARD VARIETIES A soluble food for tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, courgettes, aubergines and soft fruit, to make sure you get bigger and better quality fruit. DIRECTIONS FOR USE Tomato plants are greedy feeders, requiring a continuous supply of nourishment. Chempak Tomato Food is specifically formulated with essential nutrients, in the correct balance, for heavier cropping of top quality fruit. Added trace elements play a vital role. Magnesium aids fruit setting and keeps the foliage healthy; iron and manganese give colour, flavour and finish; calcium helps prevent Blossom End Rot. WHERE TO USE For tomatoes in the greenhouse or outdoors in pots, grow bags or soil grown. HOW TO USE Use as a liquid feed. Dissolve two level teaspoonful of Chempak Tomato Food in 10 litres (approx. two gallon) of water. Stir until dissolved. Small residues caused by hard water should be ignored. For best results thoroughly soak the soil or compost around each plant. HOW OFTEN TO USE Early feeding is recommended for the biggest crops. The rate of feeding should be increased as growth proceeds; 1st truss stage – feed weekly 2nd truss stage – feed twice weekly 3rd truss stage – feed at every watering OTHER CROPS Chempak Tomato Food is a high potash formulation which makes it ideal for other crops such as Peppers, Aubergines, Melons, Cucumbers, Courgettes, Marrows, Strawberries and soft fruit. Use at two teaspoonfuls to 10 litres (approx. two gallons) of water, once a week from first fruit set. Increase to twice a week once picking commences.