There is really no better way of enjoying the summer than sharing fabulous food with friends and family, embracing an outdoor lifestyle with one of our fantastic barbecue grills. We have gas, charcoal, built-in and portable barbecues to suit any location, so you can make the most of any outside space and even take your BBQ for a day out or on holiday.

On GardenSite you’ll discover a huge selection of only the best barbecues that are currently available worldwide. There’s no doubt that you’ll be impressed with the choice as they are all market leaders.

Basic barbecues that can be used for a picnic to retro masonry and contemporary models with innovative technology and outside kitchens, each model has design features that will blend with your style of cooking and the kind of food you want to produce. Whether you are catering for your immediate family or a large gathering, there’ll be a BBQ that will match any occasion.

Shop by Number of Burners

The number of burners a BBQ possesses will normally dictate how much and what variety of food it can produce. You have the enviable choice of two burner barbecues for a small gathering rising to ten burners representing an outdoor kitchen that will cater for the appetites of a large party, with many excellent barbecues in between.