Traditional Christmas Style

When first becoming popular, Victorian Christmas trees were decorated with edibles such as apples, nuts or dates and later lit with candles. Today, that tradition has evolved into a vivid display of tinsel, ornaments, sweets and chocolate that complement vibrant lighting.

Glittering tinsel is the perfect accompaniment to brighten up LED Christmas lights, together with delicate glass ornaments and baubles from simple round balls to more intricate designs, their metallic glitz adding colour and light. Also think about small figures of Father Christmas and snowmen perhaps lit by LEDs, reindeer or snowflakes to hang from the branches together with the chocolate coins.

Finally, the most important long-established adornment is, of course, the angel or star that's usually placed by a small child, excited by all the Christmas festivities, stretching to the top of the tree. A beautiful golden fairy, fashioned with fibre optic strands so that she also changes colour, is an exquisite finishing touch to any tree.

Top Wreaths, Swags and Garlands

Wreaths, Swags and Garlands are Christmas decorations traditionally used for centuries to dress your front door, walls, fireplace or staircase. Now made up from artificial as well as real foliage, cones and berries, some sumptuous designs also include red and gold poinsettias as well as vibrant LEDs.

The Red Berry Wreath has a traditional pine foliage design decorated with red baubles of various sizes, while the Red Poinsettia Wreath is a superb example of dozens of red berries combining wonderfully with green foliage.

With a mass of golden berries that brings tradition up to date with fashion for the modern household the Berry Heart Wreaths are lovely creations featuring the poinsettia's remarkable red bracts interspersed in a heart-shaped design. 

If you wonder what the difference is between a swag and a garland, the former is thicker in the middle and thin at their ends and a swag is normally shorter than a garland as well.

In some instances, you can get a larger than life deluxe garland that owes its shape to that of a traditional swag but has the length of a garland. Premier Poinsettia Garland Red & Gold is this kind of opulent decoration, there is a matching regular garland and a more modest 1.2 metre swag in the range if you want to continue the theme throughout your house.

The Ready Decorated Red Poinsettia Garland is superbly decorative with large poinsettias and red berries creating a rich collaboration of colour with the green foliage. A Premier Snow Tipped Garland with White Berries & Cones is very striking and is available in 1.8m and 2.7m sizes.

A Naked Red Berry Garland is very similar to the wreath, festooned with berries on a brown stem that is easy to bend and fit into any location. If you want to display your garland outside there is a Pre-Lit Outdoor Garland, traditionally decorated it's 1.8m long with 30 LEDs.

All of these wreaths, garlands and swags are fully decorated but that should not stop you adding a few of your own decorations to personalise your display. When you unpack your chosen decoration make sure you take time to tease out the foliage and flowers to give all the volume and shape that is built in. Most elements are wired so it's not difficult to do this and it really is worth the time taken.

Silhouettes And Carousels

There are many illuminated Christmas silhouettes of traditional figures, these are particularly effective when displayed in a window to light up a dark winter evening.

Santa is pictured arriving on a present-laden train or busy delivering those presents. A  cheerful snowman in hat and gloves is seen posting his Christmas cards or sweeping up, and another silhouette features a Merry Christmas message. 

Musical carousels will entrance children, and snow-covered scenes including a lovely gingerbread house or alpine village look marvellous whether animated or static and placed on a side table.

Pyramids and Parcels

Sparkling silver and gold acrylic pyramids full of warm white LEDs will make an attractive dining table centrepiece or positioned on a windowsill perhaps under a glistening acrylic or paper star to welcome visitors.

Decorate the hallway walls or staircase with snowmen, top-hatted Santas and angels in pink dresses, these are brightly lit by LEDs and come in sets of ten on a string.

Sets of three different sized Christmas parcels in various colours, red, blue, green and gold, with silver red or green ribbons and bows will light up the eyes of all the children who see them. Filled with low voltage LEDs, their sparkle will look fantastic in a porch or under a tree.

Snowmen and Santas

There are brightly lit LED snowmen dressed in warm cloaks with frosted and multi-coloured highlights. Father Christmas can't be left out of the fun. LED santas, excellently sculptured in clear acrylic, red and frosted, can add to the merriment, dancing around the tree in sets of eight.

And there are other amusing little Santas, wrapped up for the cold journey from the North Pole to your chimney, who will bring a smile to everyone's face with their beaded legs. Each are lit with two bulbs to really shine on Christmas night.

If you prefer something a little more formal but no less attractive, choose high-quality Christmas Bell lights. They may be a simple design but they are beautifully sculptured and the clear spun acrylic produces a lovely 3D representation of the bells that ding dong merrily on high

As pure decoration, you probably can't beat a string of lights with the fascinating addition of golden bows and baubles. These can be draped across the tree to enchanting effect.

Stars And Snowflakes

Nothing can be more redolent of this time of the year than a starlit sky and Konstsmide Acrylic Stars, illuminated by white LEDs, will certainly not disappoint. 

They are available in two styles, either 5 or 7 tips, with the larger style an impressive 18ins wide. With a lovely filigree appearance that sparkles with light,  these stars can be particularly attractive when arranged along a staircase, against a feature wall or hung in a window. 

The gorgeous LED 7 Star Curtain can be located inside the house or in the garden, perhaps hanging from the roof. There are seven stars, each with ten warm white LEDs to create a marvellous impression.

You don't have to dream of a white Christmas when you have Konstsmide LED Snowflakes. Looking spectacular in the evening, there's a choice of three sizes, the largest over 3ft wide. 

Made from high-quality acrylic, the snowflakes glow as though the symmetrical six-pointed crystals were for real. As do the five flakes that makeup Konstsmide's Set of 5 Snowflake Light Up Sticks. 

Particularly atmospheric when placed along a pathway, each stick is topped by an acrylic snowflake lit by LEDs and they just need to be spiked into the ground to welcome any guests.

Lanterns, Flowers, Balls

The spirit of Dickens and of Victorian Christmases past can be evoked by Christmas water lanterns containing snow globes or depictions of Christmas scenes including the nativity, a Christmas choir or Santa Claus. These can be placed on side tables, as the centrepiece to a dining table or in the window.

Also from Konstsmide is the 24 Ball Light Set that looks fabulous in its own right and can also be arranged creatively with other decorations. As with other products, this is battery operated with intense LEDs that makes the copper sparkle.