Garden Statues

Statues and busts are perfect for enhancing gardens, lawns and even interiors. There's no doubt that their presence can transform the ambiance of any location.

Whether it be a stone garden statue, metal ornament or resin sculpture, they can always be relied on to create a certain type of ambience in a garden. Stone is, of course, a natural material that doesn't jar with the landscape, enhances their surroundings merging seamlessly but always making a favourable impression. While resin is a strong and durable plastic which enables a lot of detail to be included in the design and metal ornaments to look traditional and stand out amongst plants and bushes.

Placed judiciously around your garden they will add so much to the overall atmosphere, becoming focal points with the larger ones perfect as a centrepiece. Choose from a fabulous collection that includes classical, cute and humorous, together with ornamental animals.

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