Suncast Gazebo is Stylish, Traditional and Low Maintenance

Do you want to buy a gazebo for your garden that is stylish, has traditional features and yet is virtually maintenance free?

Created by Robert Hall on Tuesday, 22nd of October, 2013.
Updated on Tuesday, 1st of September, 2015.

10x10 Suncast Gazebo

Many of us would put our hands up for that!

The Suncast Gazebo

New products are the life blood of many industries. And this gazebo is this and more. 

Plastics, in all their advanced forms, are becoming more integral to the building and structures market. Hands up if you have a uPVC conservatory?

The Suncast Open Gazebo, or more accurately the Suncast Double Roof Gazebo is an attractive, low-maintenance alternative to the more traditional wooden gazebo. The solid framework is constructed of durable extruded vinyl resin and the double or ‘open’ roof structure is made from high impact polypropylene.

The only maintenance required is to wash away any dirt, dust, or markings with a mild soapy detergent solution and a soft broom as the need arises. Rinse off with clean water.

Benefits Of A Plastic Gazebo

Unlike wooden gazebos this Suncast construction does not require annual staining or painting. It is also impervious to rot and insect infestation. Along with the maintenance cost advantage of a resin gazebo, the acquisition cost is lower than a comparable sized gazebo using a good quality hardwood. 

In its first full season in the UK market the individual private buyer has purchased it as a home assembly DIY product but there has also been strong demand from hotels and businesses because of its longevity and lack of maintenance. These properties also appeal to me and customers of GardenSite.

Available In A Range Of Sizes

Suncast gazebos, available in both 10 foot and 12 foot diameters, come with precise directions that allow the average homeowner to assemble the product themselves. At least two people are required. Avoid erecting the structure on a very windy day. No cutting of any parts is required, and all of the connections fit precisely without modifications.

Click here to see the 10x10 Suncast Gazebo.

All necessary hardware is supplied, including fasteners for attaching the gazebo columns to a wood or concrete foundation (which is not included). To ensure maximum stability and sturdy mounting to a wood or concrete foundation, steel posts are attached to the foundation prior to the resin, vertical columns being placed over them. 

Easy To Assemble

While the assembly might appear engaging upon first glance, a patient enthusiast, with a partner, who follows the instructions, will find the end product to be very satisfying and well worth the time and effort. 

Consumer Feedback

Below is a selection of genuine consumer comments from the manufacturer’s American website.

A: ...Gazebo arrived on time and its packaging was superb. Amazingly no parts were missing.The assembly instructions were easy to follow. It took my son and I approx 8 hours to put this together. We have been very pleased with this gazebo.

B: This gazebo is probably the best value for the money you can buy. It is low maintenance because it is vinyl. No wood to keep up with. As far as assembling the kit, it has its challenges. Once you figure out that assembly is not difficult, just detailed, then it comes together nicely. The product is quality and looks great when finished. I recommend this gazebo, as it looks even better than I had imagined. It took two men almost two days to complete the project, but it was well worth it.

C: Erected it in 1.5 days and it is absolutely beautiful. Should be maintenance free. My fears that a resin gazebo would look cheap were unfounded. The double roof gives a unique look to it. Have installed white decorative garden lights around the two roofs and it looks great at night. The gazebo is installed on a terrace on the hillside backyard and we have received many compliments from the neighbors. We absolutely love it and would recommend it to anyone interested.

D: Received boxes took a sheet of plywood on saw horses and an old sheet not to scratch anything followed the directions and in no time the sections was put together and laid aside. I had already made my base I followed the directions and in five hours I had a very nice gazebo in my yard. Note I have no idea who wrote the directions but they were perfect right down to the last piece the best directions I have ever followed. Note if you want to add a chandelier drill your holes before u put it up and run your wires everything can be hidden I did and it looks great just remember to take your time. I live in Ohio and we have gotten some very high winds hear it creaks and moves but that is the way its designed I have never had any problems and would recommend this product to anyone.

E: Excellent value: HALF the cost of the local “big box” retailer. Neighbors feel we spent FAR more than purchase price. Best to install on a solid foundation –cement – as we did. No fuss about it. Simply wash down from time to time to remove dust/dirt. SOLID, no need to paint or really maintain as it’s heavy gauge vinyl, WONDERFUL. Pic shows work just before flower planting.

In researching this article I want to thank Dean at Suncast for his invaluable technical help and Bernhard Schreiber for his knowledge, enthusiasm and wisdom.

Further Information

Click here to view the range of Suncast Gazebos.

Or you can call the GardenSite Garden Buildings team at Hall's Garden Centre on 0121 355 7701 to discuss your specific Gazebo requirements.

Click here to view all Garden Gazebos available from

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