Christmas Novelty Decorations

Created by Robert Hall on Monday, 17th of December, 2012. Updated on Saturday, 14th of September, 2013.

Christmas Novelty Decorations

Christmas decorations don't have to be streamers or fairy lights. There's plenty of vivid and colourful items to choose from that will brighten up the festive scene for all.

Try an illuminated silhouette of Santa Claus arriving in a steam train with a wagon full of brightly wrapped presents. This can hang on any flat surface and will cheerfully light up a window on a dark evening.

Other silhouettes feature a Merry Christmas message, fully decorated Christmas trees with tinsel, baubles and lights, a snowman posting letters, other Santas delivering gifts and, in hat and gloves, sweeping the snow away.

Children will find battery operated LED snowmen irresistible. Protected from the cold with a wooly scarf, these are amusing, fun decorations complete with twig arms.

A penguin illuminated with 160 LEDs will shine brightly indoors or in the garden. This popular bird from the freezing antarctic is sure to produce a warm response from any of your visitors.

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Christmas Animal Decorations

Other animals can make engaging decorative features. A reindeer, seal or polar bear will put a smile on everyone's face and these light sculptures are great talking points as well as striking ornaments.

Sets of three different sized parcels in various colours, red, blue, green and gold, with silver red or green ribbons and bows will light up the eyes of all the children who see them. Filled with low voltage LEDs, they sparkle and enhance any room.

Signs For Santa

A simple 'Santa Stop Here' sign can welcome Father Christmas to your house. With a charming illustration of his sleigh and reindeer negotiating the roof tops, ever changing colours will light up your request for him to pause and unload gifts down your chimney.

Model village scenes, straight from a Dickens book, come alive as table centrepieces or light up dark corners with the magic of multi-coloured fibre optics. Battery operated they also make an attractive window decoration.

Night Lights

When the little ones go to bed, a night light is a great idea. You can now surprise your little ones with accurately crafted model vehicles, that look great and provide a source of light that makes all the difference at night.

Perhaps you have happy memories of travelling the country in a VW camper van, or remember them from films such as Back to the Future and Little Miss Sunshine. Nicely crafted models are now available as unusual night lights in green or blue.

Another motor car with a notable film history, and perhaps Britain's most famous car export to the world, is the Mini. In the Italian Job, three of them chased through the streets of Turin. Now you can have one sitting on your bedside table. They are available in yellow or red and with a union flag proudly on top.

There's really no excuse not to light up your Christmas with any of these quality and quirky products. 

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