Greenhouse Bases Frequently Asked Questions

The Gardensite greenhouse team regularly gets asked questions such as "what is a greenhouse base" and "do I need a base?". Answering some of the most frequently asked questions, Robert Hall shares some of his knowledge built up over 40 years of selling many different types and brands of greenhouses.

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Greenhouse Bases Frequently Asked Questions

What is a greenhouse base?

It is better described as an upstand on which the greenhouse sits, as opposed to the foundation or floor on which the greenhouse is sited. This upstand base is normally about 5ins tall and raises the greenhouse to an acceptable internal level. This creates a step. More importantly an upstand base allows the lipped edge of the greenhouse frame to fit over it perfectly.

Do I need a greenhouse base?

In most instances the answer is yes. But you do not have to buy the pre-formed version, you can build it yourself out of bricks. This is more solid. If you wish to do this you will need to obtain BASE DIMENSIONS. We can arrange these when you order, please advise.
For smaller models and smaller lean-to's you may use tanalised wooden plinths to sit the frame on.

Do I need a foundation or floor?

A prepared concrete or slabbed foundation is ideal. Check measurements first as, for example, a 8ft x 6ft greenhouse may be a few inches larger, and will not fit on an 8ft x 6ft foundation! See below for alternatives.

What if I want to plant in the soil under the greenhouse?

You can excavate the ground around the perimeter of the greenhouse to create a strong foundation. Dig out a spade's width to a depth of 5-6ins around the edge. Fill the bottom 3-4ins with rubble, hardcore, stones etc. and crush it in. Either add 2-3ins of concrete mix on top or add a few more smaller stones, firm down and top with 1in sand, onto which you can lay slabs (maybe 18ins x 9ins). Alternatively fill all the hole with hardcore, crush in firmly and top with a sprinkling of sand to level it off. Slabs may be laid as a central path.

Can I erect my greenhouse on soil or turf?

Soil or turf is definitely not sufficient for a greenhouse foundation.

Can anyone erect a greenhouse?

Yes, make sure you put the frame together loosely, then go around it progressively tightening up, as if you were tightening the nuts on a car wheel. Glaze the roof first (both sides) before glazing the sides and ends. Use gloves! 

Do GardenSite erect greenhouses?

Gardensite can quote to erect greenhouses bought from them in certain parts of the country.

Why should I buy from GardenSite?

Gardensite offer a 12 month guarantee on the aluminium structure, we also have a full after sales support system that will resolve any problems. Furthermore we have been selling greenhouses for over 60 years and have a showsite in Birmingham, displaying a selection of greenhouses. Gardensite are not an internet only company that simply buys and sells, with little or no knowledge. We sell with confidence so you can buy with confidence.

How do Gardensite deliver greenhouses?

Gardensite use a specialist company that will telephone prior to arrange delivery. You cannot send glass by a standard parcel carrier. The unit will be delivered to your door. The glass is pre-packed and then shrink wrapped into manageable packs, please lift with caution and use gloves. The unit is packed separately, and the base is packed separately.

You haven't answered the question I want to ask?

No problem, contact us or e-mail your question to us. You will get a personal reply quickly!

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