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Do you want a garden that truly reflects your personality and lifestyle, a garden that you can really take pleasure in and that you are delighted to invite friends and relatives to visit and enjoy, a garden that relaxes, revives and inspires - then you want the luxury and quality of Living Stone Garden Landscaping Products.

Please select from the Corner Infill Kits below to buy at our best prices:

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Gardman Weedgard Weed Control Fabric 12metres x 1metres

Gardman Weedgard Weed Control Fabric 12metres x 1metres

Ideal for use under paving and patios, decking, drives, pathways, beds and borders. Size: 12m x 1m. Effective weed barrier - stops weeds! Cuts down on garden maintenance, allows water and nutrients to pass through.

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Living Stone's patio kits have been designed and produced from the highest quality raw materials. Reference to the points below will ensure your project will achieve the best finish and visual results. All our kits come complete with comprehensive installation instructions making them a perfect way of enhancing your garden this year! EXPRESS DELIVERY NORMALLY WITH 3-4 WORKING DAYS.

Planning - Living Stone recommend that paving kits are dry-laid prior to being permanently fixed in place. This will help ensure that the kit will fit in the desired location and may help avoid the need for cutting around fixed obstacles.

Sub-base - All paving should be laid on a firm and level base. Soft soil should be removed and ideally, a sub-base of at least 75mm of crushed stone should be laid.

Laying - Living Stone recommend that paving is always laid on a mortar bed, on top of the sub-base.

Cutting - This should not be necessary.

Colour - Living Stone paving may be subject to slight variations in colour. Slabs should be drawn from several packs wherever possible.

Weathering ? The appearance of Living Stone products will weather and change, especially after a period of time exposed to the elements. Dark patches may appear due to differential weathering. Like efflorescence, they generally disappear with time Living Stone cannot be held responsible for their occurrence.

Dimensions ? All sizes stated are nominal and may be subject to change. Slight variations in thickness may occur and Living Stone therefore recommend that slabs are always laid on a mortar bed.